Product Data-Sharing Cloud Technology Now Available to Manufacturers and Distributors

News and business headlines alike have recently begun touting the popularity and importance of Cloud Computing. Amazon, Microsoft, Google to name a few are working to gain ground in the cloud computing market. Minneapolis-based Anarus™, Inc. is bringing the next generation of Cloud Computing to the world of manufacturing. Their product, GrandAnar™, is a secure cloud-based portal that provides a bridge for manufacturers to easily and securely share their product data seamlessly with their customers.

“Our platform eliminates the need for manipulating cumbersome spreadsheets or limited update capabilities to controlled industry databases.”— Prashubh Batham

With GrandAnar’s cloud technology data portal, manufacturers share their product information securely and electronically only with the customers they choose to give access. GrandAnar becomes the “single source of truth” by providing a centralized repository for product information; updated as often as a manufacturer chooses.

GrandAnar provides a direct data connection between manufacturers and their distributor customers. The manufacturer’s rich product information – including data and customer-specific pricing – gets securely stored in their private account in the cloud. Once they give them permission, their retail or distributor customers can access the data; specific to their account; to use with their eCommerce, pricing, etc. The technology also allows distributors to automatically connect to the Cloud database and keep their ecommerce database updated with latest product information from manufacturers.

“It’s a decades old problem dating back to the start of technology in industry,” states Anarus Founder and President, Prashubh Batham. “Distributors need current, quality product data in order to sell to their customers and manufacturers spend tons of dollars and man-hours to provide information that is obsolete as soon as it’s sent out. Our platform eliminates the need for manipulating cumbersome spreadsheets or limited update capabilities to controlled industry databases.”

As an added benefit, Anarus has developed a Contractor mobile app – FriskerIt™ that is designed to provide the GrandAnar cloud data for contractors to search in the field. The design is that users can access specific product data, specs, pricing, etc. and then locate the supplier nearest their location to purchase it.

Anarus was founded in 2019 by Prashubh Batham. With more than 25+ years of experience, Batham has been instrumental in four successful software company startups, including the company in the business of developing, selling and maintaining B2B and B2C eCommerce and catalog software to wholesale distributors and manufacturers that he founded, successfully ran and sold.

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