The soul of the Outdoor Landscape Lights is light. In the Landscape Lighting design stage, LED Story will give priority to the raw materials, stability, operability, and production process of the Low Volts Led Landscape Lights which control the quality of the product from the source.

How LED Story ensure the Low Volts Landscape Lighting Quality?

80% of the quality of the Low Voltage Led Landscape Lighting is determined by the design stage. In the Landscape Lighting design stage, LED Story will give priority to the raw materials, stability, operability, and production process of the Low Volts Led Landscape Lights which control the quality of the product from the source. There are many factors that determine the quality of the Low Volts Outdoor Lights. For example, LED Story insists on using the original copper to produce the 12V Hardscape Light, Spot Light, Path Light, Flood Light, Well Light, Step Light, Deck Light, etc., and does not use the secondary material. LED Story has professional salt spray testing equipment to ensure the corrosion resistance of our Solid Brass Landscape Lights. LED Story is very careful about the packaging of the Lights. Pay attention please, each of LED Story light’s packaging will conduct a drop test to ensure the safety of the lights during transportation;

Advantages of LED Story

The soul of the Outdoor Landscape Lights is light. LED Story has an experienced photology design team to provide the most matching optical design for each product. LED Story uses top brand light source brands, such as CREE, CITIZEN, OSRAM, etc., to ensure the quality of the light source. LED Story’s strict requirements and good cooperative relationship with these top brands help to get the same BIN chips to ensure the consistency of light in each batch of chips every time. In addition to chips, lenses are also a major factor in determining lights’ effect. LED Story’s lens supplier is the world’s top-ranking lens supplier. LED Story will carry out individual optical designs for each Low Volts Landscape Lights to ensure that the light from each light is in line with his application scenarios, the light is soft, there is no macula, and there are various angles to choose from. At the same time, the light mixing lens is our advantage compared to other suppliers. Can be used in the environment of minus 50° to 120°;

LED Story attaches great importance to the user experience.

At the beginning of the design, LED Story will invite local experienced installers and wholesalers to participate to ensure that the product design conforms to local usage habits. The purpose of our product design is to allow installers to be more convenient and quick to install, allowing wholesalers to reduce inventory pressure and facilitate management and sales. For example, the Eagle Hardscape Light pioneered the design of the screwless installation, which allows the installer to install and replace without tools, which is very convenient. Similarly, the LED Story Eagle series all have the function of dimming, so the wholesalers don’t need to prepare the inventory of each wattage, which can reduce the wholesaler’s inventory, and the installer can adjust the brightness of the product according to the actual situation.

Reduce the cost.

Under the premise that product quality, light effect, and user experience are all achieved, LED Story will focus on controlling the cost of the product. LED Story believes that the cost of the product is determined by the design, and LED Story will maximize the cost of the product from the perspective of structural design and technology design. To reduce the cost of the product, LED Story has several structural engineers with more than ten years of work experience to optimize the structure of the product. LED Story will conduct high-quality heat dissipation analysis and simulation according to the power required by the product, obtain the most reasonable after theoretical analysis heat dissipation area, and then use the most economical materials to achieve ideal heat dissipation results. Before mass production, LED Story will conduct a large number of experiments in the high and low-temperature test box to ensure the consistency of theory and practice, thereby reducing the material cost of the product; Also LED Story has many first-line process engineers with rich operating experience. They will analyze the design of the product from the installation process perspective to ensure that the designed product is easy to assemble and has a low failure rate guarantee, thereby reducing the assembling of the product cost.

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