Q & A With Investment Specialists, HULT Private Capital

John Hudson is Senior Investment Manager at HULT Private Capital. Offering international investment services with a boutique approach, the company’s origins stem from piloting the 2008 financial crash.

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HULT’s knowledge of the global markets is nearly as impressive as their ability to navigate them in uncertain times. We learn more about them in our question and answer series.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the economy and how is HULT Private Capital approaching it as a business?
“I haven’t met anyone who isn’t discussing this at the moment, and that in itself speaks volumes. We are living through largely unprecedented times, and the few clients who recall surviving the aftermath of similar historic events are equally perturbed. It is our job to ensure that of all the things to worry about, our clients’ future wealth is not one of them.”

In light of that, has HULT seen investor activity slowing?
“When the news of Russia broke, we braced ourselves. In times of economic and political turmoil, you tend to see two types of reaction from investors: those who panic and seek to liquidate their holdings; and those who want to take advantage and make bolder moves to capitalise. Credit to our investors as those who have not chosen to sit tight, have pursued larger investments.”

Where are you seeing your investors focussing their strategies?
“Our Central London Property Fund has undoubtedly taken pole position as our current investor favourite. I think this is largely because even in the current economy, bricks and mortar are seen as a safe haven, and the UK’s rising property market reinforces this. Savills reported that 2021 saw the sale of ‘super prime’ properties reach highs unseen since 2014. When you look at the strength of the London market, I would predict that even with the withdrawal of Russian ownership, it will be largely unaffected. Quite simply, there is no where like London and at HULT, our investors have been seeing the value of this for some years now.”

For anyone who doesn’t currently have the support of a company like HULT Private Capital, what are the benefits of working with an investment manager?

“In times like this, having level-headed guidance is invaluable. HULT Private Capital was founded from economic adversity, so we are seasoned navigators of tumultuous times. Our team do not shy away from communicating in times that appear challenging, largely because our investments are structured to hedge against typical market influences. Whilst we never make decisions for our clients, we are on hand around the clock to guide them in ensuring their financial goals are not at the expense of the comfort of their risk appetite.”

If you are interested in the services of an investment manager, you can contact HULT Private Capital on +44 20 8123 5164, or the Dubai office on +97145664052.

HULT Private Capital and Partners provide an exclusive approach to investing, assuring your capital is robustly grown and secure within structured investment facilities.

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