Qualified Cell Penetrating Peptides Coming Soon at TIDES USA 2022

BOC Sciences will attend the industry’s largest and most renowned event to exhibit its expertise in producing amino acids, resins, and peptides. 

TIDES USA 2022 will return this year on May 9th, at Hynes Convention Center, Boston. Aiming at accelerating therapeutics to market, it features 6 themes that help researchers access novel science across the entire oligonucleotide, peptide, and mRNA spectrum.

BOC Sciences, the leading supplier of amino acids and peptides, certainly doesn’t want to miss out on this precious opportunity to communicate with top scientists and showcase its expertise to global researchers. It announced earlier this year that it would show up at booth #233, with a group of professionals and top products available from May 9th to 12th.

There are many outstanding amino acids and peptides worked out by the dedicated and versatile experts at BOC Sciences. One of the most noteworthy products is the cell penetrating peptide (CPP) which greatly addresses the issue of blood/brain barriers or plasma membrane limiting the application of many drugs.

Academia has recognized that cell-penetrating peptides have enormous potential for delivering therapeutic molecules to cells and tissues in a nontoxic and efficient manner. However, CPPs must be functionalized and chemically modified to generate effective delivery vectors that target specific cells or tissues, which is exactly in BOC Sciences’ line of work.

What CPPs are available at BOC Sciences now? The first ones come to synthesized CPPs under GMP grade, such as HIV-1 TAT protein peptides. Besides, some new CPPs with unsuitable or non-natural amino acids, peptide branches, and other modifications can also be found in BOC Sciences’ product library. “We offer varieties of CPPs. Nevertheless, these products boast some common features that are crucial for safe and efficient drug delivery, ” a senior researcher of BOC Sciences told the press.

These CPPs can be characterized by:

  • Low toxicity for live cells and safe to use without any special precautions
  • Targeting different cell lines for high delivery efficiency
  • Complete post-internalizational breakdown of CPPs 
  • Suitable for in vitro and in vivo experiments
  • Containing selected helper reagents for fine-tuning experimental setups

Over the years, CPPs were assigned increasing attention in therapeutic research regarding colorectal carcinoma, microbial inflammation, and other chronic disorders. By offering both common and special CPPs with certified quality, BOC Sciences has become one of the major contributors to novel drug development. To achieve far-reaching impacts and broader partnerships, BOC Sciences also engages in a series of industry gatherings. TIDES USA 2022 just created such a valuable platform for the whole pharma supply chain to communicate. “The exhibition is just one month away. We can’t wait to demonstrate to the global partners our capabilities of CPP production!” the senior researcher excitedly said.

For anyone interested in the top-qualified CPPs or the industry-leading gathering, please visit https://aapep.bocsci.com/.


BOC Sciences is an experienced and qualified (bio)chemical supplier based in the United States. With multi-disciplined experts and advanced facilities, it is competent to offer a full spectrum of amino acids & peptides at large scales and GMP grade.

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