Real Estate Press Release Template & Example

Real estate press releases follow the same format as press releases for various other industries or niches. An agent in the real-estate sector must create a press release announcement for a property’s listing, mainly if there could be some story to the release. Get more attention to the property and increase the number of offers you get.

What Your Real Estate Press Release Should Include

  1. A newsworthy event to discuss. Press releases are only written when there’s something worth studying. The most popular topics for press releases in the field of real estate include expanding companies, community events, seminars on real estate, etc. Of course, new listings for properties are the most popular issues for real estate agents.
  2. There’s only enough information and content to ensure that your press release is only one page. Seriously, ONE PAGE. Avoid the temptation to add to an additional page (or to adjust the margins so that it fits all in one place!). If you’ve got this amount of material, make your press release into a blog article or several blog posts. You could also use one of your media contacts to write a full-length piece or an editorial in your name.

Headline – The headline determines if the readers will be interested in your press announcement.

Subheading – A sentence below the headline or heading will continue to draw the reader in, giving some more details while making them hungry for what’s next.

In the first paragraph, you should provide pertinent details about your story. Concentrate on the five W’s (what, who, when, where, why, and how).

You can write three to four informative paragraphs in the rest of the content, including your information or quotes supporting what you laid out in the opening paragraph.

The closing should include your own call to action. This can differ depending on the kind of press release you’re writing and the type of important newsworthy event you’re mentioning.

Lastly, add your boilerplate business information, the company’s contact details, and a logo.

Additional data you can include in your press release is:

  • Images to get more exposure.
  • Video to make your PR an unforgettable teaser.
  • Links to social media accounts are essential to prospective clients or journalists seeking to tag you on their posts.

Real Estate Press Release Examples:

Full Name
Phone Number

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