Regional Supply Explains How Window Tint Protects Against the Sun’s UV Rays

The sun’s powerful UV rays threaten both the exterior and interior of a vehicle if not properly protected

Vehicle owners regularly look to protect their cars from the sun, a problem most factory-made cars face without many easy solutions. The sun’s powerful UV rays threaten both the exterior and interior of a vehicle if not properly protected. One of the simplest solutions owners can take to protect their vehicles involves window tinting—whether for a personal vehicle or even a company fleet.

“Here at Regional Supply, we offer a huge range of vehicle protection materials and services to our clients, from paint protection through car window tint film and many related products,” said Lawrence Wiscombe, general manager of Regional Supply.

How does window tint protect both the exterior and interior of one’s vehicle from the risks posed by the sun and its UV rays, and why should someone consider it for their vehicle? Here’s a basic primer.

The Sun’s Impact on Vehicles

The first and more well-known risk that the sun’s UV rays may pose to a vehicle is leather damage. UV rays can fade and crack leather, particularly on the seats of a vehicle that are often exposed to the sun.

However, there is another area of a car which might not immediately come to mind as being at risk from sunlight: The glass of the windows. UV window damage has been linked with several unwanted outcomes for car owners, including interior fading or discoloring and incorrect window functionality.

Window tint film is a perfect remedy for both these issues and can ensure that the glass and interior leather material is protected. UV window film will block the majority of harmful UV rays from passing through into the vehicle, preventing both fading and other damage to windows and interior materials as well as ensuring proper functionality for those windows. In addition, the film applied to windows serves as impact protection — in cases where these windows might otherwise shatter, the tint film will prevent shards of glass from flying and potentially injuring the driver or other passengers.

Incidentally, window tinting offers one additional sun/vehicle benefit most drivers don’t consider at all: protection for their skin. While it’s true that a car’s windows offer passengers some protection against UV rays and sunburns, some people assume they are 100% protected — and this isn’t true at all. Rather, these passengers are still being exposed to both UVA and UVB rays, both of which can penetrate glass. UVA rays in particular have been linked with skin damage and certain cancers. In many ways, a car’s interior can be just as much a place for protecting oneself from sun exposure as the beach or park, so it’s important to think about this area of one’s vehicle from that perspective, too.

Once again, this is where window tint shows its value. By applying it to vehicle windows, owners can cut off much of the sun’s UV rays, preventing harmful exposure. Installing window tint saves time, hassle, and money by cutting down on needs for sunscreen at the park, beach, or even in one’s own vehicle.

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