Respage Launches First Fully Omni-Channel Leasing Automation Solution in Multifamily

Respage has introduced ResMate Voice, becoming the first AI leasing solution for all inbound leads across email, chat, text, ILS, and phone.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, May 13, 2022 — Respage, the leading multifamily provider of AI leasing solutions, has introduced ResMate Voice, transforming its AI leasing assistant into the first fully omni-channel solution in the industry. Whether it’s an early-morning email, a mid-afternoon website chat, or a phone call after hours, ResMate now responds to and follows up with prospect inquiries from any major channel.

This new functionality enables leasing offices to automate phone answering for inbound leads. ResMate will answer the phone, respond to questions, schedule tours, and follow up via text afterwards. It works with any phone system with call forwarding and is available 24/7.

Millions of prior leasing conversations have been utilized to produce the highest levels of answer accuracy. Previous implementations of ResMate across all communication channels and customer installations have resulted in a median tour scheduling time of just five minutes after engagement which vastly outperforms call centers and most human agents.

“If you’re not answering the phone when prospects call, most aren’t going to leave voicemails or call you back,” says Ellen Thompson, Respage Co-Founder and CEO. “With Voice, you are capturing leads calling when the office isn’t able to answer. Having lead interaction data from every channel in one dashboard also provides tremendous clarity into what is working.”

To learn more about ResMate Voice and our omni-channel approach, click here.

The leading provider of AI-driven apartment marketing solutions nationwide, Respage has partnered with property management companies for over 19 years to create extraordinary results. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of products improves renter experience while increasing Net Operating Income. Solutions deliver more qualified leads, nurture prospects, boost online reputation and star ratings, improve resident satisfaction, and generate more leases. Respage’s foundation is its extraordinary team, and the company is perennially recognized as a Best Place to Work in the Multifamily industry.

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