ResponseCRM Innovations Enable Online Businesses to Jump-Start Sales in 2021

To meet the growing demand for companies to create a new business or expand online sales, ResponseCRM, a leading direct marketing automation and eCommerce solution provider, implemented a wide range of product enhancements and integrations that empower businesses to reach their sales goals faster, easier, and more cost effectively.

The COVID pandemic has had a major impact on overall shopping patterns, as more consumers continue to shift to online purchases. “We focused all of our product development efforts in 2020 on providing an exceptional experience for online sellers to meet this demand,” said Darren Lunt, ResponseCRM managing partner. “We implemented 20 new integrations with popular apps, created a new user-friendly interface with innovative features and powerful dashboards, and released other enhancements to our ResponseCRM solution.”

ResponseCRM has a unique transaction-based pricing model. Customers get the software for free, and only pay for what they use, in contrast to other models with monthly fees, set up fees, and additional costs. “Many people tell us that our pricing model has made it possible for them to start a business with a very low overhead,” says Lunt. “So, when they requested integrations with popular apps — such as PayPal Payments Pro, Drip, 3PL, Boost, FlexPay, and others — we made that happen.”

In 2020, ResponseCRM was integrated with apps for processing payments, fulfillment, email marketing, call center operations, tax systems, and decline management functions. The company also released a new user-friendly interface with easy search, new tabs, enhanced reporting, and other capabilities. “People especially like our world-class split-URL testing capabilities that help them get the most value out of their campaign budgets,” says Lunt.

Additional features were released for users to enhance their customer profiles pages with a variety of ways to simplify fulfillment, account management, and billing and perform other functions. More details are available here.

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ResponseCRM blends cutting-edge technology with advanced payment processing and support and offers an exceptional system at a low cost. We provide a transaction-based platform, so you only pay for what you use. If you sell online, you need ResponseCRM!

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