Restaurant Press Release Template & Example

Nowadays, in addition to traditional advertising, a restaurant business also needs to develop new ways to interact with customers and build trust.

PR technology comes in handy. The public’s opinion of a restaurant is more important than the restaurant’s owner. A press release from the restaurant is the first step in appealing to this ‘public’.

You might be thinking that the idea behind a press release is a bit outdated.

Let’s suppose you are opening a new restaurant or launching a vegan menu. Perhaps you are hosting your first networking event and want as many people to attend as possible.

PR is your friend in any of these situations as long as you do it correctly.

Today, we will explain what a restaurant press release looks like, why it is essential, and what important points you should consider when creating a killer press release marketing campaign.

How To Grab Attention With Restaurant Press Release

Catchy Headline: 

The title is the most important thing you write. It should be short and concise but also full of intrigue. This is your best chance to grab your audience’s attention and get them interested enough to continue reading.

A good headline should lure readers and encourage them to continue reading your release.

Introductory Paragraphs: 

Your first paragraph should be packed with information that gives everyone the most important details right away. This is your elevator pitch. One paragraph is all you have to provide the reader with the most important information. You want them to know more.

In the second paragraph, you will discuss what makes your restaurant unique and what it offers that no other. Give people the name and exact date of your restaurant’s opening. Tell people what kind of restaurant you are opening, the type(s) of food that you will be serving, and where it is located. Your website link should be included in the press release, allowing people to view pictures and menus quickly.

Five W’s

Now you have two to three paragraphs to tell your story. You can think in newspaper reporting terms and consider the five W’s (where, what, who, when, why). The following questions can be answered in the rest of the press release.

  • Where your event will be held
  • What promotions, parties, and “goodies” will there be?
  • Who made this project possible?
  • How does your restaurant stand out?
  • Why should they choose your restaurant?

Don’t leave any stone unturned. But don’t forget to mention the benefits of your audience at the forefront of the message.

Boilerplate & Media Contacts:

You’ve captured people to this point. Now is your chance to confirm what they need to know.

The last section of your press release is where you write a brief description of the business as well as contact information for journalists. It should be very brief and direct. Сontact information should include the contact person’s name, address, phone, social networks, email, and website URL.

What Else Can You Add To Your Restaurant Press Release?

Quotes – Include a quote from the owner, manager, chef, staff, or food critics in your press release.

Customer Reviews  – Use them to attract new, more specific customers.

Visual Media – Press releases that include text, photo, video, and downloadable files were viewed up to x9.7x more than plain-text releases.

Restaurant Press Release Example:

Full Name
Phone Number

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