Retail Trading Revolution: How “7 Trades to a Million” Is Changing Wall Street

Retail trading has seen an explosion in popularity since the start of the pandemic, which has created notable trends in the market. The rise of Meme Stocks and other retail favorites forced the most established financial institutions to understand the “Robinhood trader.” Now, for the first time ever, more options are being traded than stocks and retail investors are seeking access to more sophisticated trading strategies.

A Wall Street Alumnus is finally making these strategies accessible to home traders with his breakthrough guide titled 7 Trades to a Million. Jack Winthrop chose the typical route of many aspiring Wall Street tycoons. He studied finance at a top university leading to a highly coveted job on Wall Street.

“While I loved working in such a competitive environment, I soon realized that any individual investor didn’t need a hedge fund to make hedge fund returns,” said Winthrop.

That’s when he took his biggest risk to date. He left his dream job to share the secrets of Wall Street.

Within a few short months Winthrop’s guide to retail investing has rocketed to the top of the Amazon Finance charts and been featured prominently on the front page of r/WallStreetBets, the center of the home trading movement.

“There was just nothing like this out there,” said Winthrop. “Working on Wall Street, people were reaching out to me about trading with more advanced strategies than typically used by retail traders. I realized there was no simple guide that could take somebody with no investing knowledge and have them trading more sophisticated strategies quickly. I think that is why 7 Trades (to a Million) has had such a great reception because people wanted the information in a way that was easy to understand.”

With his book, 7 Trades to a Million: How you can turn any investing budget into millions with options, derivatives, and other Wall Street secrets, Winthrop bridges that gap between retail investors and hedge funds.

“My goal through 7 Trades to a Million is to make the most advanced trading strategies understandable to the retail investor with little or no prior investing background,” said Winthrop. “You don’t need a finance degree or Wall Street pedigree to become a powerhouse investor.”

The book dives into everything from stocks, efficient market theory, spreads, ETFs, LEAPS, derivatives, bonds, index funds, KPIs, financial statements, 10-Ks, portfolio management, valuation multiples, net present value, inflation, day trading, hedge funds, institutional investors, VIX, and other high-level Wall Street trading instruments.

“Wall Street and Main Street have a knowledge gap, and up until now there were really no accessible resources to help bridge that gap,” said Winthrop.

Through this motivation, he decided to make this information easy and accessible, and he hopes that home traders will read his book today to become the next Robinhood millionaires of tomorrow.

“Five years from now, we’ll see a seismic shift in the investing world from institutions to retail investors, and people will look back at this book as one of the first to make these Wall Street ‘secrets’ public,” said Winthrop. “I hope the trading strategies I outline help others take advantage of the huge opportunities out there.”

To learn more about Winthrop and details about his books, visit his website.

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