Road Runner Cigars LLC Releases “A Comprehensive Guide to Humidors”

This guide examines information on humidors by covering the importance of humidors, how humidors work, the different types of humidors, and user tips for caring for a humidor.

Road Runner Cigars LLC has announced their latest resource “A Comprehensive Guide to Humidors.” This resource provides an in-depth look at humidors by exploring what a humidor is, why a person needs a humidor, types of humidors, how a humidor works, and tips for seasoning and maintaining a humidor.

Storing cigars in a humidor is important because it helps cigars protect their flavor, maintain proper burn temperatures, and prevent damage. According to Road Runner Cigars LLC, “Within 2-3 days of not storing your cigar collection in a humidor, they will lose the essential oils, unique flavors, and aroma hence a reduced smoke quality.”

Humidors come in a variety of sizes and styles. Walk-in humidors are designed to hold a large number of cigars, and furniture humidors are average pieces of furniture that have been transformed to also serve as a cigar humidor. The average personal humidor can hold between 20-80 cigars, and the travel humidor can hold a few cigars and are intended for cigar storage on the go. Humidors can be custom-made or purchased from a store, but the most common cigar humidors are made from wood, acrylic glass, and metal.

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