Sabrina Chevannes tops business podcast list with new podcast for entrepreneurs

Complex Creative’s Founder, Sabrina Chevannes, released a new business podcast at the start of the year which was aimed at entrepreneurs and small business owners.

It has already been featured in the New & Noteworthy section of the App Store and featured in the top 10 charts of the business category.

Sabrina has had guests ranging from TedX speakers and McKinsey Consultants to professional poker champions and chess grandmasters. The aim is to speak to find out what it’s *really* like in each industry and discover life lessons from their journeys.

This business podcast for entrepreneurs really goes along with Complex Creative’s branding, as they are known as the No Bullsh*t Agency, being “real” with their clients and offering a fully transparent creative experience.

They have clients as large as UNICEF and the Ministry of Defence, but love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you know anyone who would make a great guest on the No Bullsh*t Talks podcast, then please get in touch with Complex Creative or Sabrina directly. The show is already booked up for the next couple of months.

The No Bullsh*t Podcast is available on the following platforms:
Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts

About Complex Creative:
Complex Creative is one of the top creative agencies in London, specializing in bespoke WordPress websites. They are known as the No Bullsh*t Agency and offer branding, website and digital marketing services for SMEs all over the world.

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