Dispatch 42 School launches a new training course – Safety Manager

Just half a year ago, Dispatch42 launched the Freight Dispatcher Training platform – “Dispatch42 School”, a school where everyone can learn the profession of a truck dispatcher in a matter of a few months and start working right away. Both the idea and the truck dispatcher training have been well-received by online users that today 400 students from different parts of the world are studying at Dispatch42 School, and their number is constantly growing.

As far as is known, the demand for a product always leads to its modification and development. Today, the school is launching a new training course and invites everyone to learn another profitable profession from the world of logistics – Safety Manager

Who is a Safety Manager?

The US logistics market is a massive industry with an average turnover of more than $797 billion. Not only is this a constantly growing infrastructure, a network of highways and roads that expand every year, but also a mass of employees who work in this field. 

The entire system, or rather the work of freight carriers in USA, is under the jurisdiction of the US Department of Transportation. Under it there is a department – the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration (FMCSA), the government agency that regulates the operation of vehicles and freight transportation in the country.

The goal of this department is to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on US roads. How? By means of rules that are uniform for all freight carriers, which they all must obey. Essentially, it is an enormous set of laws, details and indicators. Both the business owner and the driver are obliged to comply with them.

The Safety Managers are the specialists reviewing these laws and regulations. They research and then implement them into the company policy. Collaborating with a carrier company, Safety Managers develop a working system within their own firm so that it meets the requirements of the state and earns a good rating score.

They, much like the law, are interested in having only professionals who comply with the traffic management system in the United States to sit behind the wheel of the trucks. In part, it can be called Safety Managers the “guardian angels” of the firm, because without them and their involvement the company will not be able to obtain permission for cargo transportation, recruit personnel… or properly operate, in general.

Why is a Safety Manager necessary for every company in US?

The matter is quite simple and complex at the same time. The reason being that the rules and procedures of cargo transportation in the United States are very different from those in Europe or in the post-Soviet countries. USA is a country of high demands, and the process of cargo transportation is built in such a way that everyone is obliged to obey them. Anyone who does not follow suit will fall out of the system, as they are considered a potentially dangerous cargo carrier capable of provoking road accidents.

Moreover, each company has its own public profile where all violations are recorded: the number of accidents, violations in the driver’s mode of operation, ineffective vehicle maintenance, and so on. As soon as the indicator of violations rises to the so-called “alert level” or reaches the “intervention threshold”, the firm comes under the supervision of an inspector of the FMCSA. The agency automatically receives a notification that a company with an unfavorable rating is “at risk”, which means regular check-ups from an inspector, fines and even the risk that a company will be closed altogether for non-compliance with the law. According to the FMCSA logic, such a company has bad management, which means its drivers are a danger to others.

Safety Managers are professionals who give a business owner all the necessary recommendations in order to avoid these dire consequences. They also negotiate with representatives of the Federal Department, fill out all the necessary paperwork, and in short, they are the embodiment of the link between the law and the trucker.

Why is the work of a Safety Manager valued so much?

This kind of specialist offers valuable advice to any business owner on how to follow the law and successfully build a positively high rating for the company. And as is known, company with good reputation make more money in United States.

What is the core of the Safety Manager course from Dispatch42 School? 

The course consists of 16 different modules that provide students with the opportunity to explore the entire profession from start to finish. The first two modules fully explain what the US trucking business is and what role Safety Managers play in it. Furthermore, according to the idea of the course author Diana Bulgaru, there is a gradual immersion in the work of Safety, all the details and pitfalls, theory and practice.

Diana Bulgaru worked at Dispatch42 for more than 5 years, founded her own Safety department and worked with various freight carriers, both in the United States and Europe, as well as in the CIS countries. Today, the number of her subordinates in the Dispatch42 department reaches 50 people, the department itself works with 250 companies from different countries, and 1300 drivers turn to Dispatch42 for different services every day.

Thus, the Dispatch42 company has collected the valuable experience of Safety Manager which it has accumulated over 5 years, packaged it into a course, and invites everyone to study it today.

How is the course structured? 

In the Safety Manager course from Dispatch42, possible to find everything about this profession, starting with filling out the documentation, listings of sites useful to students later at work, opening up a firm, and ending with drivers’ work schedule, monitoring their professional performance, and interacting with the FMCSA the right way. Discussed separately are the topics of vehicle maintenance, tax policy and even accounting elements, since in many companies Safety Managers combine multiple functions, including the function of an accountant.

Since Safety Manager is a rather practical profession than a theoretical one, a lot of time in the course is devoted not only to practical assignments, but also to real case situations, stories and problems that students may face at work.

What benefits do students of Dispatch42 School get?

By acquiring the Safety Manager course, they receive a full-fledged profession, both theory and practice, which will then make it possible to earn good income after completing their studies. Essentially, they invest finances in knowledge that will pay off for them in the first months of active work in the field of Safety, and then bring profits.

Moreover, during the course of training, the students are assigned a mentor and a curator. These teachers help them learn every step of the way, hold online conferences once a week and discuss news and various topics related to Safety Management.

After completing the course, student at Dispatch42 School receives an engaging and highly demanded profession, a position that is applicable and well needed by any shipping company in the USA and Canada, as well as a number of benefits that the profession itself offers:

– ability to work remotely on the US and Canadian markets; 

– ability to be self-employed, with clients who need Safety services; 

– ability to make a good income. On average, a beginner Safety Manager can earn about $2000 a month in the CIS and up to 7 thousand dollars in USA;

– ability to self-regulate schedule and work from home. 

Also, as an added bonus, Dispatch42 School offers employment with the company to the most prospective students who have shown their capabilities and established themselves as good specialists.

And most importantly: since the US freight market annually contributes 5 to 8 percent to America’s GDP, it can be safely assumed that the Safety Manager profession, as well as the work of freight carriers in the country, will always be in demand, even under the conditions of Covid or other unfavorable factors.

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