Salt Athletic Unveils Aērcase Cleat Bag with Patented Smell-Proof Technology for Sports Enthusiasts

This innovative sports bag ensures freshness and durability for cleats and athletic shoes.

Salt Athletic, a pioneering sports brand at the intersection of design and technology, introduces its all-new Aērcase Cleat Bag. Engineered with patented smell-proof technology, this athletic shoe bag is a game-changer for sports enthusiasts, particularly soccer players and sports-minded families.

The Aērcase Cleat Bag boasts permanent technology that eliminates bacteria and prevents odor, providing a clean and durable solution for storing cleats and shin guards. Its high-grade material construction ensures maximum durability, complemented by a water-resistant interior pocket for personal belongings. The bag’s magnetic closure ensures ease of use, avoiding the common issue of stuck zippers, while the machine-washable feature simplifies maintenance.

Aērcase incorporates groundbreaking technology in the form of 99.99% Pure Silver and Military Grade Activated Carbon. This patented combination, backed by scientific studies, not only kills bacteria but also absorbs odors and moisture, ensuring a clean and fresh athletic experience.

The Aērcase Cleat Bag features an integrated handle for increased durability, Ripstop technology for abrasion and puncture resistance, and a tapered design for maximum space efficiency. The heavy composure spandex adapts to cleats of different shapes and sizes.

Backed by scientific research, Aērcase utilizes the antimicrobial properties of silver, as highlighted in a comprehensive patent review from Antibiotics (Basel) in December 2018. Silver has been proven to be one of the most effective permanent antimicrobial agents and continues to keep odor causing germs under control.

Salt Athletic remains committed to enhancing the athletic lifestyle through innovative solutions, blending design and technology seamlessly. Discover the Aērcase Cleat Bag at for a cleaner, fresher sports experience.

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Salt Athletic is a cutting-edge brand at the intersection of design and technology, presenting the Aērcase Cleat Bag. This innovative sports bag features patented smell-proof technology, leveraging 99.99% Pure Silver and Military Grade Activated Carbon. Serving soccer players and sports-loving families, Salt Athletic is dedicated to enhancing the athletic lifestyle with functional, durable, and fresh solutions.

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