Sekikawa Tatami Brand Launches New Line Of Products For Carrying Small Items

In its effort to maximize customer reach and expand its market, Sekikawa Tatami  has resorted to expanding its product portfolio with the latest products added to its Amazon listing.

The new Sekikawa products are specifically designed for carrying small items while traveling or even when on a walk. 

The products are made from original Japanese materials, giving them an authentic feeling and an international image that is in line with its policy of promoting the development of original brands. 

Top in the list of the Sekikawa brand is the mini wallet dubbed the daruma doll coin purse. The purse is designed with woven fabric unlike the printed patterns that are common in purses. 

For protection of content in the purse, the maker designed a stiff zipper that holds the both sides of the purse firmly in place. 

The coin case has a daruma pattern. Daruma is commonly regarded in Japanese society as both a good-luck charm and a constant reminder of one’s goals.

Besides, the long lasting fabric gives its durability and the zipper opens widely, making it easy to take items out of the purse without any struggle. 

Photo: Sekikawa Japanese Daruma Doll Coin Purse

The other interesting item that has been added to the Sekikawa brand is the travel cosmetic pouch organizer that is designed to help in carrying makeup tools when traveling. 

The cosmetic pouch organizer is very common among Japanese women and is mostly used to carry a series of makeup assortments. 

The bag comes with small compartments that help one organize the content in a professional manner. 

Besides, the woven fabric is stiff yet pliable, so it does not lose its shape when filled with stuff and fits the contents of the pouch. 

Silvery Japanese kanji (chinese characters) are embroidered on the black fabric. These kanji represent the names of fish. It is a stylish and cool design.

It is durable and looks good because of the fabric on the inside. The zipper opens wide, making it easy to see and take out the contents.

 It goes at a market price of $32 for every unit and can be used to many parts of the world. 

Photo: Sekikawa Travel Cosmetic Pouch Organizer

The third item in the Sekikawa list is the Sekikawa Pattern of Waves in Blue Ocean pen case that is designed with a rather unique material that gives an authentic feeling of beauty and safety at the same time. 

It is made of the Seigaiha(waves in blue ocean ), a traditional Japanese pattern that reminds us of the blessings of the wide ocean, and the infinite pattern of the waves is a good omen for happiness that will last forever, and a wish for a peaceful life for people.

The woven fabric is stiff yet pliable, so it does not lose its shape when filled with pens, and fits the contents of the pen case. It has a zipper that holds both sides of the case tightly and ensures you don’t drop any of your items when packing or unpacking your pens. 

It’s currently available in the market at $30.00 and ships around the world. 

Photo: Sekikawa Pattern of Waves in Blue Ocean pen case

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