Self Defence Expert Releases Findings of Disturbing Internet Search Terms

Report raises awareness about alarming search trends, seeking to launch a debate about whether certain terms should be allowed to be used in search engines

Andrew Holland, the founder of, has released the findings of research he conducted about trends related to internet search terms that are connected to illegal and violent conduct.

The police veteran and Judo black belt decided to release his findings after the results of the research proved to be truly worrying. “The search terms are troubling, to say the least, and the numbers are staggering,” Mr. Holland said. “There are 1800 searches globally for the term how to steal, and that’s perhaps the less concerning part of the findings,” the Self Defence Expert said.

According to the report published at, 61% of the “how to steal” searches came from the USA, 11% from the UK, 5% from Australia and Canada, and 1% came from the Netherlands. “Shoplifting” accounts for 31,000 searches per month, with 22% of the volume coming from the USA, and there are 42,000 global searches per month for the term “kidnapping”, with 35% of the search volume for this term coming from the US.

“I’d like to point out that while some of these searches could certainly be conducted in the context of online research, or even as people look for TV shows or films, it’s nevertheless true that the search volume for such terms is troubling,” Andrew Holland noted.

Some other figures require even more consideration. The research indicated that there are 321,000 searches per month for the search term “Rape”, and that the term “Murder” generates 295,000 searches per month.

According to the English Self Defence Expert, “we should at least have a public debate about whether search engines should even allow for certain terms to be searched or not, given the percentage of people looking for information about these subjects who are obviously trying to understand how to do these things and get away with it.”

About Andrew Holland, The Self Defence Expert
Andrew Holland is the founder of A Judo black belt, a former boxer, fitness instructor and experienced in numerous martial arts, Andrew is a police veteran with over 17 years of experience who has seen and dealt with the realities of violence first hand. The Self Defence Expert has written articles on self-defense, survival, prepping and martial arts that have been read by over 500,000 people.

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