Simon Ardem Celebrates Nature with the Iconic New York Fall Collection

Central Park Inspires the Simon Ardem New York Fall Collection, with Colored Diamond Jewels

Between Manhattan’s Upper East and the Upper West Side lies one of the world’s beautiful parks— an urban refuge and horticultural oasis. The beauty and charm of Central Park has captivated artists for decades through film, painting, photography and fashion. In Autumn, the park is at its finest—displaying an array of colors that mesmerize. Internationally-renowned jewelry atelier, Simon Ardem, is launching the New York Fall Collection, a capsule collection of one-of-a-kind rings and bangles inspired by Central Park landmarks.

Ardem Aslanian, Co-Founder of Simon Ardem and President of the Armenian Jeweler’s Association, says, “The New York Fall collection is for the sophisticate—someone who appreciates the rarity of matching colored diamonds, wears couture jewelry, and whose style is timeless. This collection is inspired by nature. I am a naturalist.”

The New York Fall collection features all-natural colored diamonds. With graduated placement, to resemble the myriad of warm fall colors; each piece is a tour de force. The North Meadow Ring is named after one of Central Park’s largest open areas with a countryside-like feel. Its fancy orangy brown round diamond is surrounded by an open field of billowing brown and white diamonds, capturing the essence of space and fall’s natural beauty. The Great Lawn Ring features a brown Asscher cut diamond, surrounded by an ombré arrangement of smaller diamonds, reminiscent of how the Great Lawn appears amongst the hustle of the city. Another classic spot, Central Park’s Cop Cot is a historical wooden shelter surrounded by greenery, and the Cop Cot Ring celebrates its placement through an abstracted, diamond view, featuring rounds and cushion cuts in champagne, yellow, white, and a mix of graduated browns.

The beloved Strawberry Fields offers a unique approach to a memorial for the renowned John Lennon, with a 5-acre landscape and the beautiful Imagine mosaic. The ring, an homage to Strawberry Fields, is bold and striking, highlighting diamond hues of pink, orange, red and white, reminiscent of the colors in a field of strawberries, and of the colors of love’s remembrance.

The Loch, a North Woods stream, is known for its majestic waterfalls. This waterway inspires the Loch Ring, which has a stunning, asymmetrical arrangement of colored diamonds flowing into white diamonds, and golden streams cutting through, just as the water flows through the park’s fall foliage.

Two more statement rings round out the collection, Wagner Cove and Turtle Pond. A secluded date-spot, Warner Cove is treasured by locals. Simon Ardem translates the brick path into diamond baguettes, with a beautiful cushion cut diamond replacing the rustic shelter. Turtle Pond, home to turtles, frogs, fish, dragonflies and many aquatic animals, has its significance captured in a piece with a turtle shell shaped diamond at the center.

In addition to its glamorous rings, the New York Fall Collection includes three exquisite bracelet styles. The Trefoil Arch Bracelet is inspired by the 16-foot arch in Central Park. Covered in diamonds, it replicates the arch with an elegance, while embracing its distinct shape.

The Glade Arch and Ramble Stone Bracelets are also influenced by Central Park arches and bridges. Both landmarks are architectural gems, and the bracelets have similar shapes, but each has a unique design that differentiate them. The Glade Arch Bracelet is bright and sleek with yellow gold and white diamonds, while the Ramble Stone Bracelet is divinely dark with black diamonds and a black rhodium finish.

Cynthia Aslanian, Co-Founder of Simon Ardem, says, “I’m always in awe of the wonders of nature in New York’s Central Park. The New York Fall collection is inspired by its symphony of colors and long meandering walks in the height of autumn.”

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Simon Ardem is a boutique jewelry house specializing in white and colored diamond jewelry. Its unique collection is the result of the combined talents of a New York based team of designers, and highly skilled artisans. With over three generations of experience, the company has established relationships with suppliers around the world, acquiring the finest diamonds for its finished pieces. Simon Ardem’s focus is on achieving the finest jewelry through excellence in design and craftsmanship.

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