Simulation Game Legend of Khans is Entering Beta with Unique Characters from Historical Era between 4th and 13th Century

The game is simulated on a real life story from the history of great nomadic empires and featuring characters from real historical events.

Legend of Khans is a strategy based simulation RPG game on mobile revolving around the life of Khans, Khatuns and Sultans.

The game is simulated on a real life story from the history of great nomadic empires and featuring characters from real history such as Genghis Khan , Ertugrul Ghazi, Babur Shah, and famous commander Salahaddin and many more.

You play as the Khan of Khans, the great ruler of the mystic and powerful empire. It is your job to rule fairly and establish order in the empire, while you avoid invasions and forge alliances. As a player you can experience an entire empire at your command, assemble your own Harem with beauty queens, and recruit the best warlords to rally against other civilizations.

The game is not only a strategy game but also a roleplaying game in which you can establish romantic relationship with gorgeous and beautiful khatuns in the empire and have future heirs of the great empire.

Key Features:

On the Throne – Experience the life of an emperor governing an empire!
Recruit Retainers – As you develop, more and more retainers will be attracted by you with your wisdom. They will follow you and help you build your empire.
Assemble Beauties – Encounter Beauties and develop romantic relationships with them.
Raise Children – Raise your children and witness their growth from childbirth to adult!
PVP Arena – Prove your strength by fighting players around worldwide!
Guild War – A fierce battle requires teamwork with Military Strategy!
Various Appearance – Various Retainers Skins, Beauty Skins, Character Skins, and special titles for you to choose from.

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