Small Business Owner Christopher Weathersby Launches Dotted Places Mistreatment Notification App to Report Bad Customer Service Experiences

The app will allow users to highlight instances of discrimination and poor customer service at businesses using a color-coded documenting system

Consumer expectations in 2021 will leave little room for error regarding the customer experience. With heightened emotions and short fuses due to the pandemic, organizations who’ve invested in providing excellent customer service will thrive, and those who haven’t will need to act quickly to remain competitive.

Hoping to help individuals with a solution to documenting less than stellar customer service experiences, Christopher Weathersby created the Dotted Places app for reporting.

Specifically targeting instances of discrimination, poor customer service, and rude or disrespectful encounters, Dotted Places allows users to share their experiences by “dotting” the location using color-coded dots and leaving a review. Other registered users of the platform will receive a notification when they’re close to an establishment that has been “dotted.”

Dotted Places is free to download in the Google Play and Apple app stores. Upgraded users will have the ability to receive notifications with a subscription of $1.99 per month or $23.99 annually.

Weathersby is the owner of a small, but growing Commercial Cleaning Service called Weathersby’s Professional Cleaning Services, LLC, based in Covington, LA. After seeing and experiencing racist behavior and poor customer service firsthand, Weathersby had the idea to create the Dotted Places app. Dotted Places was designed to expose these establishments and hope that they will make changes to their policies.

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