Sonia-Rose Publishes Third Poetry Book Spring 2023

Author Sonia-Rose Lyle is excited to launch her third poetry book, "I Want to Live Forever." A synopsis of the third poetry book can be found below.

A young lady named Li Shanxian has witnessed many people dying around her from natural disasters and viruses. As she encounters multiple deaths, she struggles with heavy depression and anxiety, questions her purpose on this earth, and wonders what is next after this world passes away. Li walks through nature and discovers she can live forever with an eternal purpose. During her nature walk, Li realizes her valuable purpose. She notes that people can live forever with an everlasting purpose.

I Want to Live Forever is a poetry book that takes readers from hopelessness to endless hope after they discover their life’s purpose. This is her third poetry book, and it is dedicated to people who suffer from anxiety and severe depression. After Sonia-Rose overcame years of anxiety and heavy depression, she desires to reach people who deal with anxiety and heavy depression with her third poetry book. As people read this poetry book, they are given an opportunity to discover their rewarding purpose. As people read this poetry book, Sonia-Rose wants them to know that great plans full of hope and a future are in store for them. Stay tuned for the third poetry book’s launch this spring.

She would like to thank her dad, Nureen, Zakia, and other loved ones and friends who have supported her throughout her writing journey.

For people who would like to follow her and view future updates on the launch of her third poetry book, her Instagram handle is @beloved_sonia_thewriter. People can connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

About the Author

Sonia-Rose Lyle was born in Anaheim, California. She spent the majority of her childhood in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA. She spent at least twenty years growing up in a single-parent home. In 2014, she started to write poems when she was dealing with mental health concerns so that she could connect with people who shared her struggles.

While Sonia-Rose studied at the University of Valley Forge, she shared poetry at youth events. In 2018, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies and Education. Sonia-Rose shared poetry on Instagram and Writco after she graduated from the University of Valley Forge.

In the beginning of May 2020, Sonia-Rose started to co-author anthology volumes with other writers around the world, including those from India. She has co-authored over twenty anthologies.

Poesía Profética , her debut poetry book, was published in 2021 on Amazon and Flipkart. Several individuals gave her first poetry book 4.8-star global reviews. Her first poetry book was distributed in Allahabad, India. The first poetry book was also distributed in a small orphanage, a magazine shop, a railroad shop, and three schools in Uttar Pradesh.

At the end of 2021, Universal Music Magazine published a press release for her debut poetry book. Today, this press release has received around nine million views. Influencer UK’s editorial team published a press release for her debut poetry book. Over four hundred people shared the Influencer UK press release. Later, Pora News issued a press release for the first poetry book. Over four hundred people viewed the press release on Pora News.​

In 2022, her second poetry book, called Banquet in the Garden, was published on Amazon and Flipkart. So far, her second poetry collection has received five-star reviews from readers worldwide. Zakia, a book reviewer, took a three-day break from her job to read Banquet in the Garden. As Zakia read the poetry book, her heart was enraptured. Zakia admitted to crying while writing the review for Sonia-Rose. Sonia-Rose is astounded by the sincere reactions to the poetry. ​

As Sonia-Rose fulfills her call as an author, people who deal with mental health issues motivate her to write and publish captivating poetry that gives people an opportunity to receive their satisfying purpose. She lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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