Soribel Martinez: The Couples’ Therapist

Soribel Martinez helps women suffering from depression and anxiety to feel better so they can create and enjoy healthy and meaningful relationships with their loved ones

In today’s fast-paced performance-driven world, men and women find it increasingly difficult to build and maintain meaningful relationships. Soribel Martinez is a therapist who fully understands the modern daily grind and has created a therapy practice that caters to busy, career-focused couples. If you feel that something has been lacking in your relationship, then Soribel may be able to provide the help you need to reconnect.

Soribel Martinez combines her practical experience in relationship healing with rigorous formal therapy training. With over twenty years of experience in the field, she has seen all manner of relationships and helped couples overcome past trauma and emotional issues.

“I am a licensed clinical therapist in Connecticut, where I seek to enlighten and empower women and their families. I have a master’s degree in psychology and social work from the University of Southern California. I have conducted therapy in schools, homes, and outpatient programs, and private practice in my career. I believe women are born with a purpose, and we are here to do amazing things,” said Soribel Martinez on her background and goals.

Soribel offers the convenience of a concierge model for her therapy sessions as she knows the home can be the most comfortable setting for powerful conversations.

The pressures and pace of modern life put undue stress on women, their partners, and their families. Soribel Martinez is here to tell you that you can have it all: a successful career and a fulfilling relationship. It may seem too good to be true, but Soribel can show you how and help jumpstart the next exhilarating stage of your life.

“In our world today, women are expected to fulfill many different roles at once. They are supposed to be good mothers, hard workers and sacrifice their own needs for the needs of others. As a result, many believe that looking out for themselves is selfish. My mission is to reverse this narrative—self-care is not selfish,” said Soribel Martinez.

If you feel something is missing in your life and relationships, reach out to Soribel today!

About Soribel Martinez

Soribel Martinez is a licensed clinical therapist, CEO of multiple companies, and most importantly, a mother. She has worked for over twenty years in couple therapy and has helped countless women and their partners achieve more fulfilling relationships.


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