Sports Press Release Template & Example

Sports press releases come with their own features like every other press release. Though they are written according to a specific structure, but the way words are used can be different, as well as the tone or style of writing could also be changed.

Sports organizations issue press releases for various reasons, including announcing the season’s schedule, or an upcoming game promotion, announcing new partnerships, announcements of new signings, and announcement of new commercial agreements.

If you’re seeking template or sports press release samples that you could utilize for your next PR campaign. You’re in the right place because we have sports press release templates as well as examples that will help you. We also offer sports press release distribution service.

Essential Components of a Sports Press Release

A captivating Headline: 

A captivating Headline will assist in attracting attention from the media and your viewers as well. This is why, in addition to many reasons, it’s essential to ensure that your press release is engaging and focuses on the principal message point that you want to convey in the press release. 

The headline you choose to use is what busy journalists and the people you want to reach will read, so you must pique their interest with a headline that focuses on the essential aspect of your press release.


The subheadline in a press release announcement supports the headline and can also serve as an overview of the overall press release.

Introductory paragraph

A clever and memorable opening including the five Ws: What Is, Why, Where, When, and Who.

Rest of the content

A Second paragraph to provide more credibility or justification to the opening paragraph. The remainder of the press release provides more details about the organizers and sponsors. If possible, include quotations from them.

A quote from an executive of a company and a new player is the media’s PR for signing a player. Remember that quotes are usually the part of the release that gets shared. 

In that regard, make quick, powerful sentences that are straight to the point and are also substantive.

Media Contact information

The contact information section must include your name, valid phone number, contact email, and website URL.

Including a call to action at the end would be icing on the cake, such as:

  • Visit our Facebook page to get additional information.
  • Visit our website to find out more
  • Contact us now by (phone number) if you have any questions.

It is also a good idea to make this section an opportunity to summarise the most important information from the press release. Include details about the time, date, and venue, and then say, “We look forward to meeting you at the venue.”

Other important information

Keywords – Using SEO keywords in the title and the subheadline will ensure that your press release is accessible to journalists and those who cover local and sporting events.

When researching keywords, think about the kind of event you’re hosting. This will assist you in choosing suitable keywords to choose from.

Visual Media – The addition of a video or image is important to a sports press release. Most sports press releases are likely to announce the price of tickets or design, a new athlete or event that is coming up, or a milestone. Adding images or videos to the release can increase the level of engagement. In the end, the images or video you choose to use should be in line with the overall theme of the press release.

Social Media Links – 

Add links to your social media accounts to stay in touch with customers and clients. Make them aware that you’re online, aside from the standard business website.

Sports Press Release Examples:

Full Name
Phone Number

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