Stage venue lighting combined with portable Bluetooth Speaker, Partier, to save the party

The modular moving light smart speaker PARTIER is now available on Amazon.

RNS Co., Ltd.’s best product, PARTIER, is coming to town at the end of the Covid-19 outbreak. It is a new smart speaker, having interesting features. PARTIER, as it is called, is a modular moving light smart speaker that is possible to pair with multi-devices and to make multi-lighting moods.

PARTIER is a portable bluetooth speaker combined with two-axis rotating A.I. robot arms, usually used in concert halls and stage venues, dancing with music. Depending on the USB lighting module, it is divided into “Party-1004”, “Party-1002” and “Party-1000”.

“Party-1004” includes four lights: Disco Mirror Ball, Therapy Mood Light, Fire Wood Light, and Star Mood Light. Party-1002″ supports two of them, and “Party-1000” contains a Disco Mirror Ball.

Disco Mirror Ball best matches the exciting party atmosphere, and it is synchronized with music to provide equalizer movement. Fire Wood Light allows one to relax comfortably with a campfire atmosphere without fire hazard. Therapy Mood Light makes the whole room peaceful, and the Star Mood Light brings the atmosphere of starry night on the ceiling of the room. The fact that it is possible to conduct a desired atmosphere with various moods, has increased its commercial value.

PARTIER’s robot arm interprets audio input in real-time to generate movements based on rhythm and beat. This creates dynamic movements. The speaker analyzes the audio input and uses a special algorithm to move its robot arm. The arm has a movement range of 135° vertically and 270° horizontally. As the arm dances to the music, the light from the disco ball dances in the surroundings to create dynamic light and mood.

The United States of America is expecting the end of COVID-19 outbreak and foreseeing the possibility of holding parties and occasions from the 1st of July. There is a huge prospect of many parties opening in the U.S.A. According to specialists in RNS Co., Ltd., PARTIER will make events better, fancier and more enjoyable with its outstanding sound quality as well as its convenience and brilliance.

PARTIER was successfully proven in the CES2021 exhibition (Consumer Technology Association) and RNS Co., Ltd. is planning to participate in the CES2022 exhibition.
On Amazon, there are various models of PARTIER and it can be purchased at a cheaper price through the Amazon Prime day promotion. Also, RNS Co., Ltd is managing Party-1002 Promotion on Touch of Modern website.

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