Starzcom Announces Sponsorship Agreement with Kiwi Water Park

The Kiwi Water Park is New Zealand’s largest inflatable park located on Lake Dunstan, Lowburn, Central Otago. It has opened for the summer season on December 27th, 2020, and will be open until the end of March 2021.

The park is specifically designed for children over six years old and adults, who can enjoy the exciting park activities during a two-hour morning or afternoon session.

The park is made up of huge inflatables, and the Starzcom Water Trampoline will add to the variety of the park’s offer.

Starzcom is Australia’s leading inflatable gym equipment manufacturer. Their products are high-quality, safe for use, and very popular among kids and teenagers in love with tumbling. Their most popular products are air tracks, air blocks, water bouncers and air spots.

Starzcom’s offer to Kiwi Water Park will certainly improve the visitors’ experience.

“We’re really excited about our partnership with Starzcom, and we’re grateful for their kind offer to the park. Our younger visitors absolutely love the Water Trampoline and we’re happy we can offer them a safe and exciting adventure during the summer, away from phone, tablet and TV screens,” said Emily Rutherford, the owner of Kiwi Water Park.

Starzcom is equally excited about the opportunity to team up with New Zealand’s top inflatable park.

“Kiwi Water Park is the perfect place for our products, and we’re happy more and more young people are getting to know these fantastic inflatables. Our own children are fanatic about them, which was why we started the company in the first place, and we share Emily’s passion for making children happy through healthy outdoor activities,” said Verdon Kelliher, the owner of Starzcom.

You can find out more about Kiwi Water Park and book a session here:

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Starzcom is the manufacturer of quality inflatable gymnastic, tumbling and fun equipment. They started their business in 2019, as a result of their daughters’ fascination with air tracks and other inflatable gym equipment. After constructing, manufacturing, and testing their new products, the company started building their customer base in Australia, before expanding to the United States and New Zealand.

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