Strategic Partnership Adds Installation Division to and its Portfolio of Flood Protection Services, known for its active and passive flood mitigation products, support and education, adds a new service–installation. With its new dedicated installation partner, National Flood Protection, provides a turn-key solution for designers and builders in the floodplain. announces its new partnership with National Flood Protection (NFP); a nationwide organization experienced in the installation of floodproofing products. This partnership adds yet another layer to its extensive flood protection service catalog.

“This partnership will help take our offering to the next level, providing yet another professional service to our customers,” says Tom Little, Executive Vice President of  “Having National Flood Protection on our team will help give our customers the peace of mind that our quality products are installed on budget and on time.”

Having a dedicated partner that covers all 50 states will help ensure the products offered by, such as flood barriers, floodproof windows and flood vents, are installed correctly and compliant with local codes. The group at NFP is well-versed in building code standards and has vast knowledge and experience with the products distributes.

The improper installation of flood barrier systems can lead to greater flood damage, increased costs, and more downtime for businesses.  Worst of all, the floodproofing solution may not work at all when it’s needed most, and those results can be catastrophic.

“Numerous times we’ve seen what can happen when flood protection fails.  Having these systems installed by an experienced professional can make all the difference during and after a storm,” adds Little.

This partnership helps provide a truly turn-key service when it comes to building projects in the floodplain.  From initial planning and design to product solutions, and now installation, builders and designers in the flooded space have a one-stop-shop for all their floodproofing needs.  To learn more, visit


Since 2001,’s team of flood mitigation specialists have provided floodproofing products, education and support for commercial and residential projects in the floodplain.  With a diverse product portfolio that meets building codes, the team of Certified Floodplain Managers and Engineers at can ensure your design is compliant and fits your project needs. To learn more, visit

About National Flood Protection

National Flood Protection LLC, established in 2013, is a team of experts on the installation of floodproofing solutions. They understand the complex codes and standards associated with properly installing flood mitigation solutions and will ensure your flood protection system works as intended. With hundreds of high-profile installs and a national team of technicians, NFP is capable of doing high-quality work in all 50 states.

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