Success Does Not Always Lead to Pride and Greed, As Many Assume

Liberty Hill Publishing presents an inspiring true story.

Author Jon Helminiak shares the inspiring story of a man who quietly yet powerfully impacted the lives of millions in Inverted Climb: The Remarkable Life of Terry J. Kohler($29.99, hardcover, 9781662811418; $8.99, e-book, 9781662811425).

Inverted Climb required six years of research and more than 40 interviews. “The book reveals the ‘inside stories’ behind Terry Kohler’s revolutionary impacts on competitive sailing, the environment, politics, business, philanthropy and more,” said Helminiak.

Terry Kohler was the son and grandson of former Wisconsin governors. He often wanted to escape their influence but recognized that they were irrevocably part of who he was. It wasn’t enough to be born a Kohler male; it was what you did with that birthright that mattered. His ancestors had made difficult and sometimes controversial choices that influenced millions of lives and left a legacy of admirers. In the end, Terry J. Kohler would be equally, if not more influential.

Inverted Climb will inspire readers with page-turning stories about how a patriotic American businessman lived by the credo, “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected.”

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Jon Helminiak shares many of Terry Kohler’s passions, including piloting aircraft, international adventure, non-profit entrepreneurism, nature, politics and the Great Lakes. He is the author of six other published books: Nothing Routine – A Quest for Adventure in Remote and Strange Places, This Token of Freedom, Course Set for Manito-wish, Influence!, Land O’Lakes, WI – The History Unlimited! An American Fighter Pilot’s Gamble with Life.

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