Sun of Man Releases “Days of Doom” Worldwide

Indie metal band proves rock is not dead with its recent global offering.

Heavy metal band, Sun of Man, recently released, “Days of Doom”, through US-based label White Lion Audio and Sony Orchard.

“Days of Doom” is a brand new high-octane metal track that is a must-have addition to any metal music library. This track features Tylor Raffa – Vocals, Bass Guitar; Joe Chamalke – Drums; Brent Saik – Guitar, Vocals; and John Davidson – Guitar.

Listen to Days of Doom

Sun of Man is an Edmonton-based hard rock band founded in 1998. Their music is based on heavy groove with roaring vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and haunting lyrics mixed with odd time signatures and tempo changes, (sometimes all in one song)! Their sound has been described as Godsmack sings Tool. They released a full-length album in 2001 and are in the process of recording a second one.

Their music keeps evolving towards a more progressive and post-rock sound. Sun of Man is a solid metal band and their loyal fans describe them as “heavy” and “doomesque” while remaining ethereal and sunny..a hard combination to pull off, but the band does this flawlessly.

Their latest single, launched in a soon-to-be post-COVID world, is a breath of fresh air for their fans and the beginning of greater things for these indie music revolutionaries.

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