Sun West Mortgage Launch Real Estate Professionals Training Course For New AI Personal Assistant MORGAN

Sun West Mortgage and Celligence CEO, Pavan Agarwal, has created a 24/7 personal assistant A.I. platform called MORGAN, designed for real estate professionals saving users up to 42% of their time daily. When real estate professionals use all of MORGAN’s features, it will give them time to focus on more important things like family and building client relationships. Sun West has been in business for 42 years and MORGAN has been programmed with this knowledge and data. So, MORGAN is never wrong and all decisions are warranted by Sun West, meaning Sun West stands behind MORGAN 100% of the time.

Pavan has been taking time to educate the public on MORGAN through his MORGAN University YouTube webinars. His goal is to help real estate professionals close as many deals and help as many clients as possible. MORGAN University provides a rare opportunity to learn from a CEO with 42 years of experience and includes actionable advice on how to grow your business. In an age rampant with social media gurus aggressively promoting paid courses to the masses, Pavan offers a series free workshops for any realtor® or loan officer looking to use A.I. technology to increase their sales while saving time.

Realtors spend the most time on lead follow up and marketing. MORGAN automates both of these tasks. They can direct their clients to MORGAN when applying for a loan and the A.I. will walk them through the entire process. The borrowers are able to upload their application and loan documents through MORGAN and it will be analyzed and calculated immediately. When potential clients contact the realtor®, they can connect their client to MORGAN and automatic lead follow up calls and emails will be sent for four days, before moving them to a conventional email campaign. Early MORGAN adopters receive the special perk of creating their own unique email templates to be sent to potential clients. Instead of taking time out of the workday to chase down leads that do not materialize, realtors can focus on properly developing the established relationships they do have with their clients. They can leave the chasing to MORGAN.

MORGAN also automates marketing. Pavan discussed that MORGAN can create listings in just a few minutes. All realtors need to do is provide their licensing information, listing photos, and property information and MORGAN will create a professionally designed listing on their own website. Aside from the description, MORGAN actually provides a financing chart detailing conventional, VA, and FHA loan scenarios with down payment, interest rate, APR, and monthly mortgage payment information. Many realtors skip this step as it is too complex and time consuming. Pavan also made it clear that MORGAN is complementary to ChatGPT for realtors. Realtors may use Chat GPT to write the listing description, but it will not provide them the financing calculations and multiple scenarios that MORGAN can. Agarwal explained that realtors can take advantage of all the new software being developed for free, no matter the loan provider and use it to lessen their workload.

MORGAN University is an ongoing series with more live sessions scheduled for the upcoming weeks. The next session is coming up on March 8th at 4 p.m. EST and you can register at So, stay tuned real estate professionals and join the CEO of one of the largest privately owned mortgage companies and Celligence, a fast growing tech startup, to gain priceless knowledge, insight, and skills on how to grow your career with MORGAN.

About Celligence:

Celligence is an affiliate of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. (Sun West), one of the largest independent, privately owned financial services companies. As one of the fastest growing fin-tech companies, Celligence provide exceptional service, technology, and product innovation.

At Celligence, a team of brilliant engineers are continuously filing new patents and expanding the boundaries of the financial services industry through innovations in mobile applications, customer acquisition and retention algorithms, and AI based process automation.

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