Superpedestrian Rolls Out Seated Scooters in Venice Beach, Seeking to Serve More Riders

Superpedestrian introduces seated scooters in Venice Beach this week, giving many people with disabilities and older riders a comfortable transportation option

LOS ANGELES, August 5, 2022 – Superpedestrian is introducing its seated e-scooters in Venice Beach this week. Starting today, the micromobility provider will operate seated scooters alongside its conventional stand-up scooters, giving a more diverse range of riders a comfortable way to make last-mile trips. 

There’s no additional cost and riders don’t need to pre-book. The seated scooters can be unlocked using the Superpedestrian app, which distinguishes them on its map. 

Superpedestrian prioritizes the development of scooters that feel safe and comfortable for all. With autonomous safety features, a longer wheelbase and sturdier construction, Superpedestrian already makes the safest easiest-to-ride standard e-scooter. Now, with this newest seated model, Superpedestrian is taking the lead with vehicles that suit a more diverse range of riders, including people with disabilities, older riders and many novice riders.

“We want to be a company that serves everyone. With our seated scooter, we can open up the benefits of micromobility to a new world of riders,” said Jacob Mandel, Policy Manager at Superpedestrian. “In other cities, our seated scooters have proven very popular, especially for longer trips. We’ve also learned they make for an easier commute without having to pack sneakers.”

The new seated Superpedestrian model features:

  • An adjustable seat easily raised or lowered (7-inch range) to accommodate riders of varying heights
  • Special recognition on the Superpedestrian app, so riders can locate a seated scooter nearby
  • Durable, quality engineering ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride

Superpedestrian is rolling out 50 of the seated scooters in Venice Beach and plans to offer more across Los Angeles in the upcoming months. Even though the company will be staging the seated scooters exclusively in Venice Beach, riders can start their trip in Venice Beach and end their trip anywhere in the Los Angeles service area.

To ride a Superpedestrian scooter, download the Superpedestrian mobile app from your iOS or Android app store. Locate a scooter via the app. Be sure the throttle LED is GREEN, meaning the scooter is available to rent. Scan the scooter’s QR code located on the handlebars via the Superpedestrian app to unlock. Wait for the throttle LED to turn WHITE, indicating the scooter is ready to ride.    

About Superpedestrian: Superpedestrian was spun out of MIT in 2013 with the mission to develop the world’s smartest and safest light electric vehicles. In 2020, Superpedestrian debuted the LINK Scooter, heralded as “The Volvo of e-Scooters” for its patented Vehicle Intelligence platform that actively prevents costly mechanical and electrical hazards that beset other e-scooter operators. Named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Transportation Companies of 2022, Superpedestrian is a world-leader in transportation robotics and human-scale mobility, holding over 40 patents in autonomous failure protection for vehicles, automated maintenance software, fleet optimization, and vehicle context awareness.

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