Suprupos Ventures Into Luxury Ballpoint Pens

A Japan-based company, Suprupos, has taken writing a notch higher with the launch of unique executive pens that come with flowers.

The new move is in line with the company’s 2022 strategy that is focused on increasing the firm’s visibility in the American market.

According to the company, the new products resulted from intensive market research that had focused on finding the best healing remedy for people in America.

The company found out that people were more interested in finding a solution that could help people heal the most whenever they see it, and the answer was dried flowers and preserved flowers made with natural materials.

Harmed with the research, the firm settled on a combination of power stones and flowers to create the unique executive pens that have since become a sensational product that every individual could like to have.

The liquid floral (Gypsophila) ballpoint pen comes in black ink with a replacement clip.
The luck charm herbarium pen uses both the meaning of the flower and natural stone language to bring the beautiful colors out and has more implications to the herbarium itself.

The flower and stones are enclosed in the cap section of the pen that usually protrudes when hung on the coat’s side pocket, giving the penholder an executive feeling apart from the beauty that it adds to the overall image.

Photo: Herbarium Ballpoint Pen (Black)

Also, it is gold plated at the tip and at the cap, giving it a colorful look and an elegant feeling of being a high-class product. 

It is well suited for gifting friends, family members, and colleagues on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.

It can be packaged in a beautiful presentation box, making it the perfect gift. Whether as a casual or executive pen, for work, office, or personal use, the liquid floral (Gypsophila) ballpoint pen will be admired by those around you.

It comes in two colors, a black one and a purple one and can be customized upon request to match the client’s color likeness. 

Besides, the ink can be refilled whenever it runs out, thus maintaining its elegance in a long-lasting manner. 

It uses Schmidt refills that allow the pen to glide smoothly across any paper. Perfectly weighted and balanced for writing comfort – this is a luxury pen designed for those who love to write every day.

The pens can be found on the company’s Amazon listing at an affordable price of $22 and can be shipped to different parts of America and the rest of the world.

Photo: Herbarium Ballpoint Pen (Purple) 

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