Taiyo Shokuhin Kougyou Launches New Tomato Sauce Products

A Japanese-based company, Taiyo Shokuhin Kougyou, has taken kitchen matters to a higher notch after venturing into the tomato sauce production for international markets. 

The latest move is in line with the company’s overall 2022 strategic plan, which focuses on expanding the market base and increased visibility on the global market. 

The company, which has been known for long to be among the best Japanese exporters, will now be selling their new sauces in the American market as a way of testing the ground for other future products. 

After intensive market research on the most common ingredients that people always like having on any of their meals, the firm decided to produce the sauces. 

Top in the list of the latest sauces from the company is the Taiyo Worcestershire sauce, which is entirely made by hand. 

The sauce is made using a traditional Japanese approach with essential ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, garlic, and other vegetables and fruits, combined with a secret recipe that brings out a mouth-watering taste. 

In particular, the company takes the ingredients and grounds them into fine materials, which are then left to rest for over a month, after which they shall have matured and ready for consumption. 

It is made from carefully selected raw materials and matured in wooden vats using the same manufacturing method that has been used since the establishment of the company. The taste and mellowness of products have been a tradition since the company was founded.

The sauce comes in a beautifully colored 300ml bottle and is currently available in the company’s Amazon listing at an affordable price. 

Photo: Taiyo Worcestershire Sauce

Second on the company’s latest products list is the Taiyo Tomato Ketchup , which comes in a 380ml bottle. 

The tomato ketchup is made with less acidity and without losing tomatoes’ original flavour and sweetness. 

It also has a hint of spice and is used in various dishes that use ketchup. The ketchup is also suitable as a base for pork cutlet sauce and demi-glace sauce.

It is a sauce made entirely by hand. After much research, the raw material is a tomato paste from Turkey with low acidity. The tomato paste gives a smoother texture than using tomatoes.

 Also, to bring out the flavour of the tomatoes, the company resorted to using very little vinegar to bring out the natural sweetness in them fully.

Usually, when bottling ketchup, they can cool down before bottling. However, at Taiyo Shokuhin Kougyou Company, its bottled is still hot to preserve the freshly made flavour and taste.

Photo: Taiyo Tomato Ketchup 

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