Taking Listeners to A New Realm of Music: Aaron Yost’s Spiritual Electronic Rock Is the Sound of Tomorrow

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, July 15, 2022 – Together with electronic guitar solos, and a layered, spiritual songwriting style, Aaron Yost delivers a unique and experimental experience

Traversing through an enchanting mix of soulful Acoustic and Gospel tunes, high energy Progressive Rock, and entrancing Ambient and Electronic music, Aaron Yost is the true definition of a prolific, experimental genius.

Showcasing his genre-fluid diversity, the eclectic artist has pioneered a unique new style which he calls ‘Spiritual Electronic Rock’- an experimental blend that delivers the best of both worlds. From powerful electronic guitar solos and instrumentation, commonly used in Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop, to soul-stirring and touching song writing, Yost’s music is a class apart.

The artist’s first album of demo songs ‘Spiritual Wave’, independently recorded and produced by him were released two months ago, heralding a different kind of musical style. Creating Rock songs that sound like no other Rock song, Aaron Yost’s singles such as, “Soul Meditation”, “Love is in the Air”, “Born to Live”, and “All The Good Will Live Forever”, among others welcome listeners to a realm of dynamic musical possibilities.

“The fact that this style of music making has yet to become an official practice on a worldwide scale is what motivated me to do this. Although production and recording has been challenging due to technical issues, I am very proud of the songs,” comments Aaron Yost regarding his music.

Penning down lyrics that are rooted within his own personal experiences, Aaron Yost remains motivated and thrilled to have a goldmine of songs to his name and a musical style that is bold and characteristic.

The talented artist and composer remains hopeful that someday his Soul, Electronic and Rock blends will be reworked with better production and recording. It remains his longstanding dream that listeners are able to fully appreciate and internalize the breadth of his compositions.

Visit Aaron Yost’s Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify pages to hear the roots of his riveting musical style and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist through his email!


Aaron Yost is a gifted singer songwriter who hails from Mechanicsburg in Pennsylvania. Being born in the mid 90’s, Yost internalized several rich and diverse mix of musical eras. Growing up, the artist learnt how rewarding it is to write a song that is heartfelt and original- a realization that became his main inspiration for song writing.

In his quest for a unique and characteristic musical, Aaron Yost focused on channeling a musical experience that has never been felt before. This search stemmed for his longstanding aspirations of composing a musical style that could enrich someone’s life on a more visceral level. The result of continual efforts was a layered, lyrical experience that tackles several key challenges of life that are seldom underscored in music.


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