Taleam’s CEO Says Tech Companies in Canada Are Struggling, Voices Support

Tech companies are struggling even more due to the peak economic effect in Canada. This is true for a tech company in Ottawa where the CEO of Taleam Systems is based. He says that his tech company is voicing support due to the peak effect.

With the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, many tech companies based in Canada are struggling and may face financial decline and this is according to the CEO of Taleam Systems, Melad Ahmadzai. He says, “Many companies might close down due to pandemic dragging on and current economic conditions in the country.” He further says, “During this month, we also saw gas prices that reached the highest record at above $2 dollars per litre.”

The federal government promised to support small businesses, however, according to Ahmadzai, “the reality is that many companies are going out of business and not able to stand on two feet.” Ahmadzai says “this is the worst time for tech companies in Canada like Taleam Systems to keep operations running,” referring to the now peak economic effect that is dragging on.

Taleam Systems has been in operation since 2011. Ahmadzai states, “customers are the single most important asset for any business. They are crucial for driving revenue and long-term success.”

To learn more about Taleam Systems, visit the website at www.taleamsystems.com

Source: Taleam Systems

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