Taliware’s Biombeat – At the Heart of Security in a Zero-Trust World

With Biombeat the unique energy signature of a person’s heart becomes their secure biometric identity. Biombeat combines real-time authentication with time-stamped proof of location. Biombeat’s API V2.0 now integrates NFT Fabric – all data is available as tokens on the Cardano Blockchain Network.

Identity is the universal credential to gain access to data, or to initiate financial transactions. Safeguarding identities is critical in a zero-trust world. With Taliware’s Biombeat touchless authentication, the unique rhythm of the heart is the biometric password.

“We just released Biombeat API V2.0, it supports location-based heart rhythm ECG authentication, Touch ID and Face ID authentication,” states Taliware CEO Tarik Tali. “When paired with a smartphone and an ECG-enabled smartwatch, Biombeat authenticates, tethers and time stamps a person to their device and location. It is a USPTO award-winning technology.”

Biometrics attributes are combined with tethering technology, for spoof proof state of the art in identity as a service (IDaaS), paving the way to a passwordless world.

Taliware’s secure decentralized NFT’s authentication information-sharing system overcomes key limitations of existing technology in simplifying NFT’s identity compliance to securely share information for Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Fraud, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance.

About Taliware:
Taliware is the developer of patented biometric authentication and location-based software that uses Touch and Face ID. Its Biombeat heart ID provides persistent identity and geolocation verification. Taliware’s Biombeat verifies an individual’s identity based on their unique heart rhythm. Taliware has been awarded several patent applications claims for its cardiac rhythms geo-authentication systems.

Operating on an ECG-capable smartwatch, Taliware’s technology verifies and watermarks an NFT to an individual’s identity based on their unique heartbeat. A seed-stage startup based in Solana Beach, California, Taliware has developed off and on the blockchain patented biometric authentication and location-based software. For more information, visit taliware.com.

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