Taran Tactical Innovations Helping Vets Blast Cancer?

Many in the veteran and U.S. Marine Corps community have seen his logo on the John Wick, Heckler, and Koch P30L handgun but still do not know Taran’s face. That’s about to change.

Taran Tactical and several military veteran organizations to attend Paul Ehline Memorial Ride on May 14, 2022, starting at 07:00 am

Taran Butler, founder of Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) in 2011, is a world champion shooter who started TTI to “share his acquired knowledge of the sport shooting culture.” CQB and self-defense have always been a big part of the lifestyle in the USMC and veteran community.

When Mr. Butler heard about the Sergeant Paul Ehline Memorial Ride and their cause of raising awareness and seeking out solutions for veterans suffering from Agent Orange/burn pit related cancers, etc., he volunteered to share some of his knowledge with the veteran community on May 14 over at Greg’s firing range in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Taran’s products are the culmination of years of trial and error. Each model and gunsmithing technique builds on what worked best and discards what doesn’t. That is exactly the Marine Corps. way of conducting business, so what a great addition Taran will be to this year’s event.

Short History of the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride

First of all, not everyone rides to the event or even rides a motorcycle. The riders are the honor guards of the event, as the original memorial to Sergeant Paul Ehline happened because of help from members of several motorcycle riding chapters across the country.

During the Covid 19 pandemic lockdowns of 2020, Paul Ehline died of service-related cancer. Michael Ehline, Paul’s sole surviving heir and also a U.S. Marine, resolved himself to have a full and proper 21 gun salute for his father.

Since Riverside memorial cemetery refused due to COVID concerns, the Leatherneck’s MC Madd Dog Chapter held a memorial ride in honor of Sergeant Ehline and vets who died of certain cancers all the way to Lytle Creek Firing Line. Like true Marines, the Leathernecks Mad Dog Chapter, The Bullet Chapter, Spartan’s Chapter, and others, including the Marine Riders, adapted and overcame and made sure, with Scottish Bagpipes and bugler Sergeant Paul Ehline received a proper military ceremony.

Afterward, qualified shooters headed to the firing line and put in some past due range time with rifles and pistols. Because it’s vets, range safety is very high, and everyone has a great time. There will be tickets, food, a shooting contest, prizes, and more this year.

Taran tactical will show us some pistol shooting techniques and let us check out some of his latest innovations. The Marine Corps League will be there. Ehline Law will be there if anyone has any legal questions. And there will be highly regarded Marines who ride motorcycles everywhere. They will have their traditional bagpiper and memorial ceremony.

Because of this gesture, Michael Ehline, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, established the Paul Ehline Memorial Ride as a non-profit along with fellow veterans to raise awareness about the development of cancer care, treatments, resources, and therapies for patients.

As we know, Paul Ehline suffered from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, suffered as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange during his time as a U.S. Marine fighting in Vietnam as an 0848. At the time, the government said these experimental chemicals were perfectly safe and would only kill the jungle canopies around the U.S. firebases.

We know that the official story was not true. We also know that many military bases have poisoned their groundwater with aviation and other chemicals and that burn pits used in combat zones cause health conditions/cancers.

Helping Families With The Dreaded Cancer Diagnosis

The goal of the Paul Ehline Ride is to look out for vets with these health conditions and lobby Congress and Veterans Affairs on behalf of families who gave up their jobs to care for their disabled vets with cancer at home.

Following the Lead of the National Cancer Institute and the United States Government?

Part of helping vets is helping them understand the VA. Recently, the VA, in partnership with the National Cancer Institute, began NAVIGATE (National Cancer Institute and VA Interagency Group to Accelerate Trials Enrollment.) These organizations are helping increase veteran access to novel, cutting-edge clinical trials at 12 sites within VA.

In addition to guiding vets in the right direction with respect to NAVIGATE, Paul Ehline Ride seeks to educate the public about the types of cancers caused by military-related chemical exposure disease. (MRCED)

“Having Taran as an addition to our community is important,” said Michael Ehline, because “It brings in members of the local shooting community to take part in military honors and establish links with like-minded people who care about our warfighters.”

The Paul Ehline Ride is set to take place on May 14, 2022, at Lytle Creek Gun Range. For more information, you can reach Michael Ehline at Ehline Law Firm, a sponsor of this year’s event, scheduled to stage at around 07:00. If you are a patient and unable to attend, we are making efforts to provide a live feed into the Ride as innovations improve as there is no cell communication at the shooting range.

For riders: This is for pre-qualified, moderate to experienced riders. See below to learn more.

About the author: Michael Ehline is a former United States Marine, rifle and pistol expert, and self-defense advocate. Michael remains dedicated to helping with drug development to fight cancer and increase clinical trials accessibility for better cancer treatment outcomes and quality for our military veterans.

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