TCB Presents The Healthy New Black Garlic Puree 100% And Pg Amino.

Japan’s TCB has launched new health products, with the Black Garlic Puree (Amino no Shizuku) as the ultimate flavor enhancer. 

‘Amino no Shizuku’ is deliciously sweet with syrupy umami flavor with highly concentrated amino acid extract condensed and extracted from Japanese garlic.

The puree is100% natural super food with high antioxidants. It’s made when heads of regular garlic are aged under low temperatures in a humid environment until the enzymes that give fresh garlic its sharpness break down. The garlic cloves turn inky black and develop a sticky date-like texture. 

Black garlic in its fermented form has been used as a nourishing tonic, and with a higher concentration of amino acids, its distinctive odor is minimal. 

The skin and fibers have been eliminated for easy absorption of ingredients.

It is the ultimate secret sauce that could turn any recipe into a gourmet meal due to its complex profile of savory, sweet, and smoky spices.

It is described as nature’s superfood due to its vast health benefits. It contains S-allyl-L-cysteine (SAC), which exhibits an immense range of potent nutritive antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer agents.

The presence of Quinones & Polyphenols induces the benefit of blood pressure level management and healthy blood circulation.

The product comes with a safe (Bisphenol A) BPA-free glass, which is eco-friendly and healthier for the body.

Photo: Black garlic puree 100% Natural Superfood ‘Amino no Shizuku’.

An additional health product unleashed by TCB is the PG Amino Immune Support Supplement capsules. 

The immune support supplements therapeutic formula to strengthen the immune system and is taken one tablet a day for ‘improved energy’ and ‘knee and joint movement.’ 

The capsule is driven up with four powerful ingredients: PGII Complex Collagen and Chondroitin, natural amino acids derived from garlic, sulfur compounds derived from garlic, 200 mV of reducing power. 

The condensed amino acids from black garlic prove essential for tissue growth, energy rejuvenation, impulse transmission, immune system functionality, protein and peptide synthesis, nutrient absorption, and improved sleep.

The Sulfur compounds from Brassicaceae vegetables such as garlic have an anticancer effect through the detoxification of enzymes.

PG Amino also holds 200 mV of reducing power, minimizing microbial contamination, and decreasing the potential for bacterial growth by reducing oxygen presence.

Since garlic is the main ingredient in PG Amino, the presence of Cyclo alliin ensures blood lipid control and reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Further it boasts of the Cysteine derivative S-alilio cysteines, which help intensify brain cell activity, invigorating daily life. 

The administration of one capsule a day is easy for consistent use.

Photo: Immune Support Supplement ‘PG Amino’

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