The Best Methods Used by Drivers To Obtain More Affordable Auto insurance Premiums ( announces a new blog post, “How To Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums” has launched a new blog post that explains how drivers can obtain cheaper car insurance rates.

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The costs of car insurance can be as high as several thousand dollars per year. Multiple factors are used by car insurance companies in order to determine the costs of the premiums. Some of these factors can be modified and can help the drivers to obtain lower car insurance rates.

The best methods used to obtain cheaper car insurance are the following:

  • Select a higher deductible. The policyholder can decide how much money they can pay for a deductible. The deductible is the amount a driver has to pay upfront before the insurance kicks in. Drivers who choose higher deductible levels will pay lower insurance premiums.
  • Good driver discount. To encourage safe driving, insurance companies are offering significant discounts to drivers that manage to keep their driving records clean for a certain period.
  • Purchase a vehicle that is cheap to insure. Policyholders that are looking to buy a new vehicle, should take the price of insurance into consideration when choosing a car. Muscle cars, limousines, exotic cars should be avoided to purchase by drivers that want cheaper car insurance. Slightly used family cars or sedans that have several safety features installed are ideal for drivers that want to save money on car insurance.
  • Graduate a defensive driving course. Drivers that attend and manage to graduate a defensive driving course will gain a discount if they submit proof to their insurers. Besides gaining a discount, drivers will improve their driving skills and knowledge.
  • Drive fewer miles. Drivers that are driving fewer miles than usual, should contact their provider and check if they are eligible for a low mileage discount.

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