The Canadian Regenerative Medicine Center for Wound Healing and Burns in Saudi Arabia

The Canadian company, DCare Medical Supply – Canada, announced the signing of a joint memorandum of understanding between it and the Sarabeel Trading Corporation, “the Exclusive agent for the products of the Canadian company DCare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf countries ” to establish the largest specialized center that uses the modern technologies in tissue regenerative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after obtaining the necessary approvals from the medical and the investment sectors in the Kingdom.

The center, which Carry the name of “The Canadian Regenerative Medicine Center for Chronic Wounds and Burns ” , is the first center in the Arab Gulf region that uses these modern technologies to save thousands of patients, “especially diabetics” from the specter of amputation of feet, as well as immunodeficiency patients, and the elderly, especially after major operations. who are exposed to chronic wounds that are difficult to heal and remain for years and pose a threat to their lives due to septicemia .

The center uses modern techniques to regenerate damaged tissues, whether with modern devices that stimulate the body to grow tissues instead of damaged ones. Some of these devices and products are registered with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority ” SFDA ” , such as Phoenix Wound Matrix devices, and others are manufactured as an alternative and substitute to the damaged skin through a specialized laboratory inside the center.

Dr. Ihab Tadros, the General Manager of the Canadian DCare Medical Company, says that , this specialized center will be managed by Canadian and Saudi medical staff trained in these modern techniques for tissue stimulation and skin transplantation, and it will be a point of contact with doctors and hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf region to provide its services to all doctors and professionals in the Gulf region . The center will also hold training seminars for those wishing to train in tissue regenerative medicine techniques. As well as those interested in medical research on this modern technology in cooperation with universities and research institutions in Canada, America and Europe.

The center will also receive patients from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to provide these services.

It is planned to establish the center in the late second half of the 2022 after obtaining all permits and approvals from the concerned authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to start providing treatment services to the public.

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