The DFINITY Foundation Expands Its Presence in Switzerland With New Zurich Office

The new headquarters represents DFINITY’s second foothold in Zurich, Switzerland, and serves as a testament to the growth and evolution of the organization.

The Dfinity Foundation, a not-for-profit organization and major contributor to the Internet Computer – the world’s most powerful general-purpose blockchain and Web3 platform – today announces an expansion within Switzerland, with the launch of a new Zurich-based office. The uniquely positioned office in Zurich joins DFINITY’s other offices and research centers in Palo Alto, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Zurich.

Jan Camenisch, CTO at DFINITY and Director of the DFINITY Zurich Research Lab, said: “Since its inception in 2016, DFINTY has been and will continue to invest into the Zurich ecosystem. In addition to accommodating our growing Zurich team, the new office provides a physical space for our world-leading researchers and engineers in Europe to gather, collaborate, and share knowledge. The new space will enable the team to accelerate its continuously groundbreaking contributions to the Internet Computer”

Josh Drake, COO at DFINITY Foundation, added that the growth of DFINITY’s operations is timely: “Our rapid pace of development and onboarding has been a major factor in our decision to expand our regional operations. DFINITY now boasts offices in four regions across three continents, serving as an indication of our momentum this year.”

“We’re proud to be contributing towards the development of one of the most active and diverse blockchain ecosystems in the industry,” Drake continued. “To make sure that we keep up with the demand from developers and end-users, we continue to make significant investments into our scalable infrastructure, skills, automation, and internationalization of operations.”

DFINITY today is recognized as a European hub for cryptocurrency R&D and a leading computer science R&D organization in Zurich, in league with Google and IBM. Some 200 world-renowned cryptographers, distributed systems engineers, and programming language experts – many of whom are alumni of Google, IBM, and Consensys – work towards designing a blockchain that is incentivized to foster a better, more decentralized internet. From infrastructure and payment systems to DeFi platforms and NFT marketplaces, the Internet Computer’s mission is to ease and quicken the functionality and digital transformation of businesses.

Since its genesis in May 2021, the Internet Computer has seen rapid growth across the board. The community has deployed more than 16,000 canister smart contracts to the blockchain (making it one of the blockchains with most smart contracts). The internet computer has witnessed over 2.8 million transactions, and nearly half a million individual wallets have been created.

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About the Internet Computer

The Internet Computer is the world’s most powerful general-purpose blockchain and Web3 platform. Its protocols apply advanced cryptography and computer science to scale smart contract data storage and computation without limit, host web-speed smart contracts that can directly serve web experiences to end users without the cloud, and run smart contracts with breakthrough levels of efficiency. For the first time, developers can create truly decentralized dapps and services that run entirely from the blockchain, and push into emerging areas such as SocialFi and GameFi, which blend social media and game functionality with DeFi, and build out the fully decentralized metaverse. The Internet Computer blockchain acts as a complete alternative technology stack, which has been designed to replace the centralized IT stack that is mostly controlled by Big Tech, and it can even be used to build secure and unstoppable websites and enterprise systems. It was incubated and launched by the DFINITY Foundation.

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