The Flower Pot Creates Revolutionary Community of Women-Led, Plant-Based Businesses

Two years ago, on February 27th, Rebecca Kershberg launched The Flower Pot as a safe, reliable and elegant space to explore botanical and plant-based self-care solutions. Today, she is reaffirming her commitment to this brand mission and renewing her dedication to creating an elevated, intentional environment for the plant-curious, as well as a platform for small, woman-led businesses and creators.

The Flower Pot – Wellness Based Products from Los Angeles, CA

The Flower Pot curates a selection of products designed to enrich, enliven and revitalize. From plant-based self-care, beauty products and skincare, to luxurious home accessories and dry goods, The Flower Pot’s collection of wellness-focused solutions are carefully researched and hand-picked by founder Rebecca Kershberg.

The Flower Pot’s community has become increasingly inclusive and sustainable. We have achieved this by:

  • Focusing on women-owned or led brands (35 out of 42 brands on The Flower Pot meet this criteria)
  • Dedicating significant shelf space to woman’s health issues
  • Stocking brands sourced from around the world – England, Ecuador, Nigeria and Canada – in order to increase access to and visibility for global healing modalities.
  • Holding all brands stocked to the following standards: Always natural + non-toxic, safe + scientifically proven, ethically sourced, sustainably produced + accessible for vegan lifestyles.

Those on a self-care journey are encouraged to engage with our community of healers and experts. In 2021, The Flower Pot will be back on the road and in the community again, focusing on events, markets and education.

“Consumers need a trusted, educational space for thoughtfully-presented, transparent information. Research is queen. That’s where TFP comes in,” says Kershberg. “ I’m here, a part of the collective whole, to drive the revolution in plant-based products in every way I can.” As The Flower Pot moves into year three, we look forward to continuing to operate as a space of healing and integrity for those who need relief from pain, natural options to support a restful nights sleep, are seeking a deeper understanding of their own bodies or who would like simply to connect more wholly to the healing modalities of our environment.

About The Flower Pot: The Flower Pot is an online retailer & luxury supplier based in Los Angeles, California, dedicated to delivering plant-based products, as well as luxury homegoods and elevating small, women-owned creators and entrepreneurs in the process.

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