The Lead Widget Partners with Trading Up Media to Help Advertisers Tell a Story with Multi-Touch Attribution

New partnership makes multi-touch attribution more accessible to advertisers

The Lead Widget, a leading Identity Resolution company, has partnered with Trading Up Media, a premier growth marketing agency, to help digital advertisers resolve the identity of anonymous website visitors and determine multi-touch attribution through the use of an Identity Graph. This Identity Graph tech allows the advertiser to see and track the various interactions a website visitor has with their brand across different devices and platforms without relying on third-party cookies.

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Trading Up Media is utilizing The Lead Widget’s identity graph to deliver extensive multi-touch attribution reporting to their clients with journey-based advertising strategies. The Lead Widget allows advertisers to better understand their customer journey by effectively and accurately tracking attribution of their digital marketing campaigns.

“In a world where attribution and insight into your marketing and conversions is getting less and less available and less and less common, the future of successful digital marketing and advertising will truly belong to those who build their own audiences and bring their own data to the ad platforms they advertise on, not those who rely on those ad platforms themselves to store their first-party data on,” said Josh Brein, Founder of The Lead Widget.

“One of the biggest challenges that advertisers face is understanding which digital efforts are giving them the best return,” said Catherine Alton, CEO of Trading Up Media. “The Lead Widget provides invaluable insights into a website visitor’s behavior, allowing us to optimize campaigns based on the audience’s specific needs and where they are in the buyer’s journey.”

About The Lead Widget
The Lead Widget helps their clients own and use their first-party data in a way that allows them to have greater insight over their customers throughout their entire buyer’s journey using Identity Resolution. Learn more at

About Trading Up Media

Trading Up Media is a growth marketing agency and HubSpot Solutions Partner that offers inbound marketing powered by the programmatic experience. Our hybrid marketing and AdTech solutions generate high powered growth for our clients. We work as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams, helping their businesses tell their unique story to their target audience. Learn more at


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