The magic Ice-Cream that can relieve your anxiety

The Magic Ice-Cream

Imagine being able to relax almost instantly. Let me explain how I developed a system that does precisely that.
Firstly, we must talk about the power of the mind. The concept of mind over body is that through the power of the mind and its thoughts, whether through specific exercises or our everyday thoughts, we can make our body do things that we would otherwise view as incredibly difficult or impossible.
It takes a bit of practice, but as they say, practice makes perfect.
So here we go. Imagine and visualize that you are holding an ice cream in a cone. Now that is all that there is to it. It can be whatever flavor that you want it to be. You can even invent your own. There are no rules because you make up your own rules from now on.
Start to imagine and visualize attacking the ice cream cone with a series of licks. Moving from the top of the ice cream down to the beginning of the cone, lick away the ice cream resting on top of the cone. Then, you start nibbling at the cone.
With your tongue, gently push down the top of the ice cream so it fills the cone and does not fall out.
So, you are now imagining holding the ice cream as your tongue licks the ice cream, you experience the taste. All the taste buds in your tongue will reverberate to the flavor. As you look at the ice cream, you will notice the ice cream crystals reflecting the light of the sun and starting to melt. Your fingers can feel the texture of the cone, and you will allow that sensation of touch to flow through your body. You might try to take the whole ice cream into your mouth and again continue to feel the sensations flow through your body.

The practice is easy, you can do it in your bed at night-time. After you have settled into your bed, allow your thoughts to consider the flavor that you will enjoy and just follow the pattern. Your mind will clear and soon you will fall into a restful sleep.

This works because it immediately gravitates your mind to the present moment. Your mind is not occupied in the past or the future. It is here right now in this very moment.
By experiencing and focussing on the various sensations is an exercise of mindfulness. This distracts your anxiety and again focuses you on the present moment. By clearing your mind of stress, your mind will develop a more positive attitude.

So, when your mind is confused with worrying thoughts, get your ice cream out, clear your mind and begin to relax.
If, however, you have an aversion to ice cream, this might not work for you. Let me tell you about the Magic Apple…

Arthur Paternoster author of Understanding Anxiety and Panic Attacks. published by Amazon.

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