The science behind a productive work environment

Ever since the beginning of time, humans have strived hard to attain growth and increase their productivity. While many things have evolved over a period of time, some things remain constant like the rising need for better productivity. From hospitals to IT offices, from educational institutions to silicon valley startups, everyone is seeking an environment, where time management and maximum output are a priority. 

Here are a few pointers to understand the science behind a productive environment:

1. The Psychological Factor

While few people get their best work done in a dull grey cubicle farm, others might prefer an optimal work environment with perfect temperature, lighting, and noise levels. Psychologically speaking, the work environment plays a major role in achieving higher productivity levels of an individual. Even minor details like colours, inclinations, and alignments matter. 

2. The Physical Factor

Waking up in the morning, getting dressed, and going to the office establishes a sense of discipline in an individual. The individual is motivated and inspired to deliver better results. 

Also, a routine keeps an individual’s health in check. Sitting in an ergonomic chair and working on a well-setup and personalised desk helps the individual yield higher and more efficient results. Further enhancing the growth of the organisation as a whole. 

3. The Creative Factor 

To be honest, there is so much going on in the human brain while they are working creatively that even science has still not been able to pin down exactly how it all works. Having said that for a fact, three parts of the brain work together to help create new ideas – the attentional control network, the imagination network, and the attentional flexibility network. These three networks help in focusing, remembering, and monitoring respectively, which results in the birth of a unique idea. 

Research proves that all these networks function like a well-oiled machine when put in a personal and productive workspace. This is exactly why writers, artists, and various professionals are given a workspace of their choice. 

Hoping that the science behind a productive work environment has helped you understand the need for a productive workspace. 

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