The secrets book of ancient wisdom

A book that reveals some secrets of the ancient wisdom of Egypt and the sages of antiquity, wisdoms hidden in the monotheistic religions, the Hermetic texts, but especially in the holy book of Islam.

I have published a manuscript of the book I am working on, entitled “Egypt History and The Ancient Wisdom”. In this book, I have shared some of the knowledge I have gained through years of research and reading about history and religion. In doing so, I have uncovered falsifications in the information passed to the general audience to distance them from modern science and religion and control them and their thoughts from the religious figures and priests.

Egypt history and the ancient wisdom make a connection between the deep, dark histories of ancient Egypt and the wisdom of the sages of antiquity, who were the founders of sacred science that became a religion in an attempt to recover the truth of existence and to recognize humanity as a creation of the Divine.

We know from the ancient texts that have reached us, whether it is the Hermetic texts, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Enoch, the Torah, the Bible, or the Koran, that we can understand ancient philosophy and that it was very rich and advanced. And when we explore this philosophy, we can understand the cosmos, conciseness, and ourselves, we discover the mysteries of the dimensions and why the Creator must be outside each dimension. And when we understand that space and time define our existence and then through logic and intelligence must not define the creator of space and time, then you can understand your creator and your existence.

I invite you to read the free copy at:

Egypt History and The Ancient Wisdom

In this book we will talk about:

–  Creation, from the science point of view and religion

–  God and our wrong understanding of the Devine

–  History that is for us only a shadow

–  Archeology and monument proving the ancient wisdom

–  The sacred books

–  The three monotheistic religions

–  And we will end it with the Hermetic wisdom

This accumulated knowledge in this book discusses without prejudice the facts and truth that have been manipulated and twisted in history and religious books to hide the true philosophy of existence and provide us with twisted philosophies and narratives that confuse most of us and make us lose the value of our own existence.

I offer this book online for free at “Lost Ancient Wisdom” while I am still working on the second edition of this book to add more information and secrets of ancient wisdom.

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