The Six Time Champion Boxer Reveals His Tools for Success, Empowers Readers to Reach Their Full Potential

Just Isaac has released ‘Think Fearlessly,” sharing his successful insight on sports, business and relationships

Many individuals have a desired destination in life yet achieving that goal may only be attainable if one is willing to push through the obstacles to witness its manifestation. Finding success as a professional boxer, actor, motivational speaker, recording artist and now author, Just Isaac, also known as JI, has penned “Think Fearlessly” to encourage readers to find the greatness within them. In this faith-filled guide to embracing one’s inner strength, JI shares relatable anecdotes and time-tested wisdom that reminds readers that they are all chosen for greatness.

In “Think Fearlessly,” JI walks readers down an inspirational course that will teach them the art of reaching their potential regardless of what their current or past circumstances may be. By sharing his life experiences, both personal and professional, the author guides readers on how to stay on their own path and the importance of not letting self-destructive words, thoughts or people get in the way of pursuing their dreams. The author offers encouragement when welcoming the pleasant surprises that accompany one’s journey, how to visualize where they want to be in the future, exist in the realm of love, find a purpose greater than themselves, and recognize not only their own value but also the value of those who surround them.

“I have come to the realization that there are some of us who have no awareness of the greatness that is locked inside of us and have not experienced the unraveling of extraordinary possibilities,” said JI. “The manifestation of pleasant surprises that correlate with our destiny. There are mysteries revealed within this book that I believe are divinely inspired.”

Ultimately, it is the author’s objective to empower those who do not have a vision or purpose. With his book, JI hopes to reveal the reader’s greatness and restore those who feel life is at a standstill. “Think Fearlessly” is a passionate call-to-action guide that intersperses wisdom with anecdotes to invite others to seize control of their lives and capture their potential.

“Think Fearlessly”
By Just Isaac
ISBN: 9781982264130 (softcover); 9781982264154 (hardcover); 9781982264147 (electronic)
Available at AmazonBarnes & Noble and Balboa Press

About the author
Just Isaac, commonly known as JI, is a man who has lived several lives and navigated through multiple realms. As a teenager, he was raised in Western New York and later moved to Canada to pursue his boxing career. He gained a place on the National Team and continued to compete against the best in the world, winning a total of six boxing championships. Now recognized as a professional actor, JI is also known for motivational speaking and is a Top 40 recording artist in the United States. “Think Fearlessly” is his first book. He currently lives in Toronto. To learn more about JI, please visit

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