The Superpower Network Launches the Evolution Channel

Emerge into the New World

We are no strangers to information overload. In fact, with an internet filled to the brim with practically every kind of content, it’s hard for both individuals and brands to get a signal out amidst the noise. But Jewels Arnes did something different – she leveraged a podcasting platform that not only helped her impact people’s lives in a meaningful way but helped evolve and grow her successful business, too. In today’s ever-changing market spaces, a podcast is one of the most effective outreach and marketing tools in your arsenal.

“I didn’t know much about podcasting until I attended an event in 2019,” says Jewels. “I loved how it was all about connecting to people with authenticity. It’s a great way to speak to those who may not listen if they knew someone was watching them. I find podcasting to be a wonderful gateway to building relationships before someone chooses to connect.” And that nails down the exact USP of podcasting.

It’s All About Connection
People listen to podcasts because they have something in common with the speaker and the brand the speaker is representing, or the message is of value to them. Even though a podcast is a one-sided medium, it helps in building effective relationships with the listeners. It gives people a sense of sitting across the table with you, so your listeners eventually feel like they know you. A relationship of this quality far outweighs those built on social media alone, which then lays the foundation of trust. Trust is one of the most vital elements in building an audience, a brand, and a business. People are more likely to buy something from a friend than a stranger. And Jewels knows this to be true. “The trust is already there once you know who they are,” she says. “I also love just knowing there is someone listening and though I may never see or hear from them, I can feel them….Soul Family.”

Meet the Host
Jewels Arnes is an entrepreneur and podcaster. She felt an irrefutable calling to raise the frequency of humanity, and she did this through the synergy of connecting with her soul family and Scalar Energy. She launched a natural skincare line called Eternal Gold. This revolutionary conscious skincare line helps you turn back the clock of ageing and enhance the skin you’re in. Along with her skincare brand, Jewels hosts the incredibly popular Cosmic Consciousness show and the instantly successful Evolution Channel on the Superpower Network. In her shows, she discusses how evolution delivers a sequence of divine inspiration that elevates the reality that we know today. Jewels Arnes was able to launch a successful podcast channel and grow an audience so rapidly because of her collaboration with the Superpower Network, ranked in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally. As the number one podcast network for inspired personal development, the network knows how to leverage trust and influence to create impact.

In the debut episode, Jewels talks with Tonya Dawn Recla, creator of the network, about evolution being a path to infinite possibilities. And the possibilities that have opened up for Jewels seem endless indeed — using this platform, she was able to reach 300,000 downloads a month. It takes most successful podcasters years to grow their audience to these figures. “My biggest inspiration is creating a business in expansion or the unknown space. Following the God moments or direction from Source,” says Jewels, when asked about her inspiration. “It’s a reflection of my inner world, which gives a pathway for others to witness the miracle pattern unravel when we choose the Divine.”

How Podcasting Can Help You Grow Your Business
You can’t demonstrate credibility without sharing your expertise, and by sharing your expertise you become helpful. In podcasting, you become valuable for your listeners. That’s the secret behind the extraordinary success of the Superpower Network, and the reason its platform has been so instrumental to Jewel’s success. Podcasts can help you reach out to new audiences, deepen engagement, and focus on value.

You’re not hiding behind words on a screen. You’re putting yourself out there to your listeners, and hearing your voice on a frequent basis makes your audience feel like they actually know you. This priceless emotional connection means they are more likely to follow your brand and buy from you. In fact, in a survey conducted on 300,000 regular podcast listeners, a whopping 63 per cent reported that they had made a purchase because the podcast host promoted it.

“My advice would be to do it differently from how most of the world would tell you. Listen to your heart first. Follow the breadcrumbs. The Divine is showing the way,” says a passionate Jewels. Your podcast is your platform to speak about your unique knowledge and passion. How you leverage it makes all the difference. For an example of how listening to the Evolution Channel on the Superpower Network and all major podcast platforms.

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