The Top Five Protective iPhone 13 Cases currently available at Amazon

The imminent release of the new iPhone – the iPhone 13 – means purchasing a unique, secure case to ensure it remains scratch- and smash-free.

With the release of the iPhone 13 reportedly due sometime during September 2021, now is the best time to purchase a new and protective case to ensure the new iPhone remains safe and smash-free. The top five cases available on Amazon are:

1. PULEN Liquid Silicone Case: An Apple Master Copy
The PULEN Liquid Silicone Case is a slim, liquid silicone protective case that is shockproof for protection against drops. An exact copy of the official Apple case in the same design, the PULEN Liquid Silicone case has the same high quality for half of the price.
• Contrasting colours – a stand-out appearance against the iPhone.
• Compatible with Wireless Charging
• Silicone Exterior for grip and safety, with a microfibre lining on the interior.
• Flexible, soft shell
• Accurate case buttons, including the placement of the slider.
• Attracts Dirt
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The Verdict: PULEN Liquid Silicone case is the number one iPhone 13 case currently available on Amazon. While the material may attract dirt, the official Apple case does the same while also being more than double the price, making the PULEN case a cost-efficient, high-quality alternative.

2. WRJ Designed Anti-Scratch, Shockproof, Protective Cas: Crystal-Clear case for iPhone lovers
The WRJ Designed anti-scratch, shockproof case is the perfect case for Apple lovers. The transparent case remains crystal clear, ensuring it does not turn yellow as many other transparent cases can.
• Clean and Minimal design
• Compatible with Wireless Charging
• Precisely cut holes for iPhone buttons
• Hard and grippy to make it anti-drop and shockproof.
• Poor flexibility
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The Verdict: For Apple lovers who prefer a transparent case to show off the iPhone design, the WRJ case is the best on the market.

3. Janmitta Translucent, Matte Hard Case: The Best Shockproof Guard
The ultimate shockproof case, the Janmitta Hard Case, comes with a stiff, rubberised material and a translucent back.
• Super matte finish
• Rubberised material for grip
• Shockproof protection against
• Can also protect the front screen
• Thick compared to other cases
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The Verdict: The Janmitta Hard case offers the best protection for those looking for a shockproof, anti-drop case. For those looking for a matte finish and simple, sleek design, this is the ideal case for the iPhone 13.

4. Temdan F13 Waterproof Case with Built-In Screen Protector
Similar to the Janmitta hard case, the Temdan F13 Waterproof case offers a two-piece design with an additional rubber gasket ring around the edge. The rubber edge ensures the case is waterproof up to 33ft in depth.
• No need to purchase a screen protector
• Speaker, Mic, and Camerawork perfectly
• Covers holes with waterproof cover for extra protection
• IP68 Certified
• Waterproof up to a depth of 33ft
• The design makes it uncomfortable in pockets
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The Verdict: The iPhone warranty doesn’t apply to water damage, making the Temdan case the ideal protective case for the iPhone 13 due to its fully waterproof guarantee.

5. Red2Fire Shockproof Protective Case
The Red2Fire case is minimally designed with a transparent back and an accent colour to accentuate the camera and edges. The case offers a good grip with a high-quality silicon edge.
• No risk of transparent back turning yellow
• Colour accent around the edges
• Minimalistic design
• Shockproof
• Attracts finger smudges
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The Verdict: The Red2Fire case is shockproof and stylish, with no risk of the transparent back turning yellow. The case offers a shockproof certification and is ideal for those looking for a minimal design with all the best features.


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