The University of Saint Joseph’s Stance on Financial Aid: Supporting Dreams, Removing Barriers

Creative, impactful efforts aim to ensure a high-quality education is attainable for all

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) announces its proactive stance on financial aid offerings, including new merit-based scholarships such as the Independent Scholars Award and Girls for Technology Scholars Award, to support the needs of the students and their families in light of recent national attention on the delayed FAFSA process.

Amidst the current uncertainty about receiving federal aid and acknowledging financial aid, for many, plays a significant role in higher education decisions, recognizing the merit and achievements of high school seniors is more important than ever.

USJ is at the forefront, offering innovative and impactful solutions like awarding merit-based scholarships upon admission and offering FAFSA workshops, financial literacy sessions, cost-of-attendance counseling, and extended enrollment deadlines while underscoring the message that a high-quality education is a tangible reality.

“Our efforts aim to ease concerns for students and their families,” said USJ Vice President for Enrollment Management Kimberly Crone. “We want students to know they can fulfill their dreams at USJ, and we will work with them to develop a financial plan with that goal in mind.”

Even with the current delay in receiving students’ need-based aid information, USJ encourages college-bound students and their families to keep moving forward.

USJ Director of Student Financial Services, Stacey Downing, adds, “Rest assured, once FAFSA information is available to us, we will add the maximum amount of need-based aid the student is eligible for to their aid packages.”

For more information regarding USJ’s financial aid offerings, click here.

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