This One Practice Could Change Everything In Your Business in 2021 According To Allison Alexander

Ready to make 2021 the year that your business FINALLY takes off? Business coach, Allison Alexander, reveals the one practice that could make all the difference.

Overwhelm has been one of biggest challenges facing business owners for many years — a trend that shows no sign of abating as we move into 2021. 

That’s why serial entrepreneur and experienced business coach, Allison Alexander, is passionate about raising awareness of the art of journaling to help business owners find perspective on difficult situations and connect with themselves on a deeper level.

She guides her clients to build up their practice and sees huge shifts in their focus, accountability levels, confidence and connection to their goals — and here she shares her three steps to getting started.

Firstly — it begins with getting grateful.

Allison explains: “Expressing gratitude has been proven to be extremely beneficial for our psychological health — in some cases even helping people to fight off depression. I find that it’s super effective for helping my clients to improve their self esteem by paying attention to all of the things that make them happy or are going well for them.

“Either first thing in the morning to set the tone for your day, or last thing at night to reflect on what’s happened — or both! — write down 3-10 things that you feel grateful for. It’s as simple as that!”

Next, Allison recommends expanding your practice by working with prompts which she provides to her clients to help them get started.

She said: “Prompts are a fantastic way of digging deeper into journaling — a quick search on Google or Pinterest will give you tons of options. Whether you’re looking to work on self-discovery or manage your emotions, these lists of questions will lead you down the right path to uncovering the deeper layers of what’s going on for you internally.

“Props such as oracle cards can also be really effective for getting started. Simply pull a card and write about whatever the message or artwork brings up for you.”

Once you’ve practiced letting your feelings flow, it’s time to move onto free writing.

Allison added: “Freewriting can be hugely cathartic and productive for business owners as they look to work through their emotions and breakthrough to the next level in their mindset and success. I recommend dedicating 10-30 minutes to this per day and just writing the first thing that comes to mind. It might feel random or irrelevant — but try to release all judgment and trust that your mind knows what needs to be let out onto the page.”

Serial entrepreneur and experienced business coach, Allison Alexander, is helping business owners move from indecisive and defeated to confident CEOs with the launch of her brand new program; Shark School. For more information, visit or follow Allison on Instagram at

About Allison Alexander

Allison Alexander is a Colorado-based serial entrepreneur and business coach, on a mission to help busy mums build the futures they dream of for themselves and their families.

With a strong research background and successful career as a children’s librarian and government consultant under her belt, Allison launched her first business, Kids Fly Too, in 2010, and her subsequent fitness brand, KFT, in 2015. Her clothing has since been worn at the highest level of competition by elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts in over 20 countries and all 50 US states.


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