Todarihei Shouten Floods US Market With New Nori Brands

A roasted Nori specialist company, Todarihei Shouten, has promised its esteemed clients new heartwarming TODANORI products. 

The latest move is aimed at increasing the market base and expanding the Japanese- based company in the global market. 

Most nori products are characterized by tender, crispy, and delicious effects on each delicacy they are topped on. 

A variety of nutritional benefits often characterize nori products including the fact that it contains fiber which helps lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes and influences bowel health to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. 

A 1/3 -cup serving of roasted seaweed provides you with 39% of the recommended vitamin B-6 intake per day. From research, vitamin B-6 is critical for brain development.

Roasted seaweed is a good source of iodine; with each serving, you reduce the risk of thyroid swelling and fetal mental retardation in expectant mothers.

The TODANORI products also come with vitamin B-12, essential for red blood cell formation, and act as an immune booster.

Top of the list of the company’s latest products is the TODANORI Sushi Nori, a gluten-free and lactose-free Yaki Nori, a go-to for vegetarians.

The Sushi Nori is a Sushi-grade Umi No Kaori crispy roasted finely crumbled seaweed, described as 100% natural. It comes in seven sheets and comes in blue sea packaging.

The ingredients are carefully selected from Aichi prefecture and Ariake Kyushu that are freshly baked, bringing out a rich aroma and delicious crispiness. 

The TODANORI Sushi Nori is an ideal seasoning for fish, meat, and rice. It can also be used in topping the salad to bring about the extra crisp and unique flavor.

The Umi no Kaori is available on the company’s Amazon listing and retails at $21.50.

Photo: Umi no Kaori roasted nori

The TODANORI Sushi Nori Premium is the second roasted seaweed sheet product.

The item is non-GMO and 100% natural, hence highly beneficial in health.

The Tokujyo shredded Nori is crispy and richly aromatic, giving the freshly cooked meal a rich aroma and premium grade feel.

The roasted Kizu Nori comes in green color and a light brown package.

The product is available at Amazon and retails at $28.00. It can also be shipped to other parts of the world.

Photo: Kizu Nori roasted nori

The TODANORI Sushi nori green mix grade roasted seaweed, is the third product launched by Todarihei Shouten co. 

The roasted nori is excellent as it is non-GMO and naturally grown. It is also ‘no MSG’ (monosodium glutamate certified, a harmful additive that is detrimental to health). 

With 100% natural laver, the Aomaze Toku nori has anti-cancer and anti-viral properties while also said to ease some types of digestive ailments.

The Aomaze Roasted nori retails at $35.00.

Photo: Aomaze roasted Nori

The fourth TODANORI product is the Gokujyo roasted Nori value pack which also shares the above characteristics. 

It comes in green color, with a slightly scratched crispy roasted seaweed sheet. It comes in 10 sheets, giving it the best value at a premium cost.

The nori product comes in a pack of 1 and 5 and under a deep brown wrapped packaging and retails at $56.00.

Photo:  Gokujyo Nori

Another product comes in TODANORI Roasted Nori (Shredded) Kizami nori

The Kizami Nori comes in a wrapped and durable package that gives a peak of shredded roasted seaweed. 

The package contains 100 grams (3.5 oz) per pack. 

The TODANORI shredded Roasted Nori laver improves topping aesthetics for vegetarians.

These products have highly beneficial values and retails at $17.50 in Amazon.

Photo: Kizami Nori

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